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Tap into your potential in a modern working environment

What we offer

In a modern and flexible working environment, you will strengthen our dedicated team and take your skills to the next level.

1 Diverse job profiles and future-oriented issues

2 Modern offices in urban locations

First-name culture from trainees to the CEO

4 Broad range of training and further education opportunities

5 Flexible annual working time model with at least five weeks holiday

6 Attractive fringe benefits

7 Range of inspiring and supportive health-related offerings

  • Free health insurance package in a group insurance plan
  • Employer contributions to pension fund well above the statutory minimum
  • Continuation of salary payments for 730 days in the event of illness or accident
  • Private accident insurance worldwide
  • Approximately CHF 2,500 annual meal allowance
  • Generous contributions towards mobility memberships (Halbtax, rail checks, Reka checks)

Straightforward, innovative, collaborative: our values shape the way in which we work together. When we work together, we’re all on an equal footing and are on first-name terms – from trainees right up to the CEO.

Straightforward: We strive for simplicity.

We make our customers’ lives easier by simplifying structures and processes and designing intuitive interactions. We remove unnecessary hurdles and provide information on the healthcare system. We make decisions quickly and implement them immediately.

Innovative: We have the courage to break new ground.

To offer our customers real added value, we rely on digital solutions and innovative services – even outside of the traditional insurance business. We are inspired on a daily basis by new innovations and are passionate about them.

Collaborative: We achieve more together.

We are confident that we can achieve more together. We work together with our customers in every situation in a relationship based on mutual trust and respect. We rely on strong partnerships, both internally and externally, in order to achieve our corporate goals.

We firmly believe that there should be a healthy balance between our professional and private lives – so we enjoy both. With this in mind, we are committed to cooperative teamwork, a modern working environment and flexible workplace and working arrangements. We also offer our employees attractive fringe benefits, generous insurance solutions and health promotion measures.

We believe that we’re stronger together. This cooperation is based on tolerance and equal opportunities, and we trust in the abilities of all our employees. We communicate on an equal footing, share our knowledge, learn from each other daily and support each other.

Diverse job profiles, forward-looking issues and interdisciplinary cooperation will open the door to new career opportunities. Our managers act as coaches to support you in your professional development. You will also benefit from a wide range of training and further education opportunities that will help you advance professionally and personally.

We’re stronger together


Join our team!

Any questions? We’re happy to help. Write to us

We work digitally and are committed to sustainability, which is why we only accept applications via our online platform. We will no longer consider applications received by post.

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