Stay up-to-date with the annual report

Sanitas publishes a comprehensive annual report including reporting, a financial section and key figures every spring. The annual report keeps you abreast of the most important events of the business year and the annual results of the Sanitas Group.

The 2023 annual report shows the past financial year from various perspectives: Chairman of the Board of Directors Ueli Dietiker and CEO Dr Andreas Schönenberger give a qualified and in-depth account, and there’s an interview with CFO Wolfgang Wandhoven on the financial year under review. A quick overview of the past financial year can be found in the “Key figures” section and the series of animated graphics.

The annual report also includes two videos: one in which Sanitas CEO Dr Andreas Schönenberger talks about our commitment to responsible corporate action based on social, environmental and economic sustainability, and another that highlights the benefits of outpatient procedures and our Hospital Day Comfort supplementary insurance plan.

Further articles provide in-depth insights into the various products, offers and services with which we, as a healthcare partner, support our customers in promoting their health and simplifying their access to healthcare. Our annual report is rounded off with articles training the spotlight on our various partnerships, Sanitas as a top employer, Sanitas’ commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR), corporate governance and the Group’s financial report. 

We are committed to responsible corporate action according to the principles of social, environmental and economic sustainability. That’s why we’ve devoted a separate section to sustainability in this year’s annual report, including a short video by CEO Dr Andreas Schönenberger. Starting this year, we are supplementing the annual report with a sustainability report.