The perfect partner for your health

27 September 2022

We care about your health. That’s why we do everything we can to support you with innovative services – for rapid help and a healthy life. How? Your digital health partner Alva can show you.


This is Alva, your digital health partner. She is available at any time in the Sanitas Portal to help you with all aspects of your health. She draws your attention to offers so you don’t miss out. Or provides you with guides to help with specific situations. For example:

Your mental health guide

Stress, anxiety, worries: Most people experience psychologically stressful situations at some point in their lives. The mental health guide makes sure you get the help you need quickly and easily, enabling you to regain your mental balance or prepare for future challenges.

What you get:

  • Initial assessment of your mental balance
  • Recommendation of suitable offers tailored to you
  • Faster and simpler access to professional support
  • Hand-picked partners and specialists – offering everything from preventive care, support with self-help, coaching and therapy
  • Free access or attractive discounts

Mireille has tried the guide

She is tired and drained. Her job is challenging and allows little time for friends, family or free time. Even in bed at night, Mireille’s thoughts circle around the next deadline she shouldn’t miss. Mireille knows something has to change, but she doesn’t have the energy to do so.  She would like to get help, but doing so just seems too daunting at the moment. Her boyfriend tells her about the mental health guide in the Sanitas Portal app. In the guide, Mireille finds an online coaching programme offering help for stress, exhaustion and anxiety. Thanks to her supplementary insurance, she can even access the programme free of charge. 

The Quick recovery guide

You can turn to this guide if you’re feeling unwell. Everyone feels under the weather some time. Perhaps you have a tickle in your throat, your head is aching or you have problems with your digestion. What do you do in these situations? The Quick recovery guide ensures you get the right help quickly and easily when you’re feeling sick.

What you get:

  • Symptom Check with specific recommendations for action
  • Various personal contact options for medical queries
  • Practical search functions for doctors, pharmacies or generic drugs
  • Interactive Cover Check to find out which benefits are covered

Louis tried the guide

He has had an itchy rash on his lower arm for a few days. Now he wants to seek medical advice. Louis hasn’t been to see the doctor for so long that he doesn’t really know what to do. He finds help in the Quick Recovery guide: First Louis enters his symptoms in the Symptom Check. The result: initial advice on how to ease the itching and a recommendation that he should see a medical professional. Conveniently, the digital health partner Alva shows him straight away who he has to contact under his basic insurance plan. All Louis has to do now is make an appointment.

Download now free of charge

The Sanitas Portal offers support for all aspects of your health and provides an overview of your insurance affairs at all times:

Further benefits in the Sanitas Portal

The Sanitas Portal combines insurance and health in one place. This saves you time and you benefit from attractive services – online or via the app. Register now for the Sanitas portal.

  • Translate complicated bills
  • Pay by TWINT, credit card or Apple Pay
  • Use a digital vaccination pass
  • Ask questions by chat or portal message
  • All your documents in one place
  • Report an accident digitally

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