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The Sanitas foundation wants to encourage young people in Switzerland to live healthily. With this aim in mind, the foundation supports a number of health promotion and prevention initiatives that encourage a responsible approach to health, an awareness of a healthy lifestyle in an increasingly digital world and integration into communities and society as a whole.

  • To promote good mental health, the foundation supports access to and the implementation of innovative preventive care projects.
  • This includes initiatives that strengthen psychological balance and resilience, particularly in the face of the challenges of ever-increasing digitalisation.
Sponsored projects

Here are a few examples to illustrate the kind of projects the foundation supports:

EverFresh prevention programme

The Sanitas health insurance foundation supports the innovative EverFresh programme run by the IdéeSport foundation. EverFresh is a prevention project run by young people for young people that combines leisure activities and exercise with addiction prevention. The young people who act as EverFresh coaches tell their peers about the harmful effects of tobacco and alcohol. Peer education and playful engagement with the topic help young people to critically reflect on their behaviour. It encourages them to make decisions that will help them stay healthy in the future.

To IdéeSport: EverFresh

Online advice from young people for young people

The Sanitas health insurance foundation supports projects run by the Fachstelle für sexuelle Gesundheit Zürich (SeGZ, Zurich information centre for sexual health). The projects offer easily accessible and professional advice on sexuality and health tailored to the requirements of specific target groups. The portal offers peer counselling, knowledge transfer and workshops for professionals designed to promote the mental and physical health of young people of different sexual orientation and young people who are unsure about their sexual orientation and/or their gender identity.

To the du-bist-du online portal