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Sponsorship projects to promote health in Switzerland


The Sanitas health insurance foundation has set itself the goal of promoting the health of people in Switzerland. It does so by supporting selected health promotion and disease prevention initiatives that run on a charitable basis and are accessible to all.

These projects encourage people to take charge of their own health, promote awareness of a healthy lifestyle, and enhance integration in communities and society. The focus is on projects that harness the opportunities of digitalisation and promote the healthy use of digital tools.

  • On the physical health side the foundation gives particular support to innovative preventive approaches.
  • On the mental health side it supports initiatives to improve people’s mental balance and resilience, especially in relation to digital transformation.
  • Projects should be of a regional or national nature or have the potential to be rolled out geographically.

Do you have a project that might interest us?

We look forward to hearing from you. You have the best chance of receiving funding if your project meets the criteria listed above. We will review your project without obligation and get back to you.

Contact for sponsorship applications

Projects sponsored by the Sanitas foundation


Sexual health

Sexuality plays a role in health and well-being.  The online platform lilli provides young people with easily accessible advice on sexuality and the body and related psychological problems. Questions can be asked anonymously. Specialists in the fields of psychology, medicine and sexology provide straightforward answers online. lilli provides valuable education for a broad understanding of sexual health, dispels myths and taboos, provides help for victims of sexual violence and contributes to the empowerment of users by helping them to help themselves. The Sanitas foundation is helping the platform to expand the content of its counselling.

To the lilli online portal

Protecting young souls

Children and young people who have a parent with mental health issues face tough challenges and often have to take on responsibilities that far exceed their strength and age-appropriate abilities. In order for them to remain psychologically healthy, Institut Kinderseele Schweiz helps those affected directly, supports friends and family, and offers further training for professionals. The organisation works with partners from adult, youth and child psychiatry, youth and family welfare, social welfare, schools and the medical profession. The Sanitas foundation supports the online platform and peer advice.


EverFresh prevention programme

EverFresh is an innovative programme run by the IdéeSport foundation. It is a prevention project run by young people for young people that combines leisure activities and exercise with addiction prevention. The young people who act as EverFresh coaches tell their peers about the harmful effects of tobacco and alcohol. Peer education helps young people absorb the information and to reflect on their behaviour. This is the first step to making healthy decisions in the future.

To IdéeSport: EverFresh

Home test for infections

Syphilis, gonorrhoea and chlamydia are among the most common sexually transmitted diseases in Switzerland, and HIV is also still a public health topic. Aids-Hilfe Schweiz wants to empower more people to take responsibility for their own sexual health and break chains of infection in Switzerland with the “Check at Home” testing service. Home testing reaches more target groups and supplements existing testing options. The Sanitas foundation supports the innovative pilot project as it links a digital process with personal expert advice.

To Check at home