Wings for Life

Norbert Strittmatter lost his lower left leg in a motorbike accident. But his passion for jogging remained. Thanks to donations from Sanitas customers, he was able to take part in the Wings for Life run in Zug with a new sports prosthesis.

Text: Michael Suter

The weather forecast wasn’t great for Sunday: snow and rain – in May! But Norbert Strittmatter didn’t mind. He was looking forward to the charity run in Zug. For a long time he didn’t know whether he would ever be able to run again. He lost the lower half of his left leg in a serious motorbike accident. He spent many days in hospital, followed by rehabilitation. “Three things happened that could have killed me. So, there was a stroke of luck to my misfortune,” he says.

Norbert Strittmatter is a fighter, and he learned to walk with a prosthesis. And thanks to the sports prosthesis, he’s even able to run again. He trains regularly in a group of people with restricted mobility. Thanks partly to donations from Sanitas Active users, he has now finally been able to afford a new sports prosthesis. Sanitas Active users receive virtual coins for the steps they do, and can redeem them for vouchers or donate them to PluSport. “It’s great that I can exercise while also supporting people with restricted mobility who want to do sport,” says Sanitas customer and running coaching participant Nicole Abgottspon. Norbert Strittmatter is grateful for the donations. “I’d like to thank anyone who made a donation. Without their support I would never have been able to afford this new prosthesis.”