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Sanitas review: Freedom app

The Freedom app? promises to help you concentrate and work productively and creatively without being distracted by the internet or apps. Does it keep this promise?

Tested by Nicola Bryner, trainee at Sanitas

Simple but effective, the app blocks selected websites and apps or the entire internet for up to eight hours. You can also create a weekly schedule to plan regular internet-free time. Over the course of several weeks, this schedule helped me change my internet habits.

Freedom is also available as a desktop program for Windows and Mac. Thanks to simple synchronisation between smartphone and computer, I wasn't distracted by any of my devices during testing.


The app definitely keeps its promise. While revising for my exams, the app really improved my concentration and focus – and my exam results spoke for themselves.

My rating


  • Easy to operate
  • Useful features+ Noticeable increase in productivity
  • Synchronisation of tablet, computer and smartphone


  • Full version costs CHF 2.50 a month
  • Not available in Google Play Store

Freedom is available for iOS or as a desktop download.