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Erectile dysfunction: penis training

Max Kersting experienced first-hand the stress of erectile dysfunction in his younger years. Having overcome his difficulties, he worked with doctors to create an online programme to improve erectile function for good.

Text: Julie Freudiger; photo: Sanitas

Business start-ups are often inspired by personal stories. With Max Kersting it was his own recovery after suffering from erectile dysfunction when he was 21. Now, ten years later he is launching the online programme Regimen in cooperation with scientists and doctors. The app is suitable for men who want to tackle their problems using an active and holistic approach. The big problem is that erectile dysfunction is a taboo topic and is often not spoken about. Or doctors simply prescribe medication. However, as Max Kersting’s own story shows, there are also often other solutions. 

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Regimen is a digital programme for the long-term treatment of erectile dysfunction. Developed by doctors and scientists, the programme is based on the latest research findings.

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Mr Kersting, you suffered from erectile dysfunction when you were 21. Do you find it easy to talk about today?

I used to find it very difficult. It took about ten years before I could say “I suffered from erectile dysfunction” without feeling shame. I thought I was the only one. The first and most important step on the way to recovery was admitting that I had a problem. 

Why is erectile dysfunction seen to be so shameful?

Although many men suffer from erectile dysfunction, society never really talks about it. For example, I couldn’t name a Hollywood film where the hero suffers from erectile dysfunction. And offensive terms are still bandied about in this context. Society’s established image of masculinity has so far not involved taking responsibility for our intimate health. 

What was your story?

My erectile dysfunction was the result of a physical problem. One of my veins couldn’t close properly. When pills, injections and even operations didn’t help, I started to read studies. This way, I learned that lifestyle, cardiovascular and psychological health and also the pelvic floor can all influence erections. With help from numerous doctors, I took an holistic approach and was very slowly able to overcome all my problems for good.

Regimen is based on this end-to-end approach. What does the programme include?

We help our users change their lifestyle with the aim of improving their erection problems. Workouts improve cardiovascular health, the pelvic floor and stimulate testosterone production. Studies have shown that targeted physical activity can be more effective than pharmaceutical products. Meditation and breathing exercises strengthen the central nervous system, because the brain transmits sexual stimulation to the penis. If the nervous system is out of balance, the body can’t produce an erection. We also offer nutritional supplements and penis pump training.

What’s the problem with taking medication if it helps?

Although pills against headaches are a quick solution, they don’t help with chronic pain. And it’s the same with erectile dysfunction. Anyway, pills do not work or no longer work for around 30% of men who suffer from these problems. And if you ignore your intimate health, the pills often lose effectiveness over time. We help our customers get their problems under control in the long term or ensure that it doesn’t get to this stage in the first place. 


Max Kersting

Managing director & co-founder of Regimen