Music unites people, everywhere

It accompanies love stories, disappointments and moments of happiness. Music rarely leaves anyone cold. For singer-songwriter Lina Button, music is a gift – to herself and others.

Text: Julie Freudiger; Photo: Yves Bachmann

Her dark, warm and evocative voice fills the room. Lina Button is oblivious to everything but the music as she sings, her producer Luca Burkhalter accompanying on the piano. Their pure joy and the trust between them are tangible – it really gives you goosebumps. “Moments like these encourage me to continue – even though it can be hard at times,” the singer-songwriter says. She is referring in part to the events of 2020 and 2021, when the majority of the tour for her fourth album “Who’ll Be Here”, her first joint album with Luca Burkhalter, fell victim to the coronavirus pandemic. “It was a difficult time,” Lina says, looking back.

She has since released a new track called “Let It All In” and is working hard on new ones. Giving up was never a serious alternative. “Music is the place where I feel at home. Even as a three-year-old, I wanted to be left alone for a short time in the mornings to sing. Only then was I ready for the day. I sensed intuitively that singing brings me closer to myself and calms me down.”

Given Lina Button’s upbringing, this comes as no surprise. Instead of sitting in front of the TV, the whole family listened to music. Her father in particular sang a lot with Lina and her sister. “I was very touched by how much joy he got from my music. This deepened our connection over the last 10 years,” she says. It is a bittersweet memory for her: her father passed away two years ago. After singing his favourite song for him one last time at his coffin, the first thing Lina needed was some time to herself to mourn his loss. Music receded into the distance, and her voice went quiet.

“Music is the place where I feel at home. Even as a three-year-old, I wanted to be left alone for a short time in the mornings to sing. Only then was I ready for the day.”
Lina Button, singer-songwriter

Like a second family

Lina only rediscovered her loving of singing when she worked on a large theatre production with her children’s band Silberbüx. This was due in no small part to her close relationship with the band – they are like her extended family. Having joined forces 15 years ago, the four friends know each other inside out. “Making music for children is completely different to making it for adults. We give them access to an imaginary world.”

The feeling of immersing yourself in your own world through music is one that Lina is familiar with herself. During her studio sessions with Luca Burkhalter, where they spend days on end tinkering with new songs, few things can get through to them. Yet however much she needs her peace and quiet, concerts are equally important to Lina because of the collaboration with other musicians. “I’d be too nervous on my own,” she says, laughing. “But when we become one with the music and the audience, it is an incredible experience.” Lina Button’s eyes sparkle. “I can sense very clearly that we have a direct connection with the audience, that something is binding us together.” After concerts, people often come up to her and tell her how moved they were. Letting music into our hearts together is a magical, truly uniting experience.