Thanks to corona: More time together

Lie ins, playing, unplanned time together: During corona, Inga and Max's family noticed that less sometimes really is more.

Text: Janine Randlingmayr; photo: Sebastian Doerk

Before corona hit, the Inga and Max's diary was packed with at least 20 invitations to children’s birthday parties, numerous trips, many weekend plans and meet-ups with friends, business commitments and almost one hobby-related appointment per day for their eight and eleven-year old daughters.

Fewer plans – more time for family

Boring? “Surprisingly not. Our lives aren’t as regulated any more. I feel much less stress”, says Inga (42). “And the girls have been spending much more time together in the last few months – without fighting. That’s almost a miracle!”

Marla and her sister Romy (right) have got closer during the pandemic.

Whereas previously handball practice, athletics, drama group, guitar lessons and commuter time came at the expensive of family time, the family now often plays board games together. And both daughters have discovered new hobbies such as football, table tennis and snowboarding. “I now also love to cook and bake,” adds Romy. At the weekend, the whole family enjoys a lie-in and revels in the lack of planning. Saturday in pyjamas until lunch? Why not! Inga and Max's family has come to appreciate the freedom of not having to go anywhere.

“Having no plans has really done me good”

The coronavirus pandemic has brought the family together

Of course, it hasn’t just been a walk in the park for Inga and Max's family. “But we have had it pretty easy, because we’re both lucky enough to be able to work from home and none of us have any pre-existing illnesses”, says Inga. Her husband Max (45) works as a civil engineer and is happy that he doesn’t have to iron many shirts at the moment thanks to working from home. And, as a physiotherapist, Inga now has the energy to look at her anatomy books more often alongside her work, and will soon be starting a further education course. “Having no plans has really done me good.” Her goal for the future: Free up more time in her diary. The girls have one request for the time after corona: “We’d like dad to continue to eat lunch at home with us.”