Dossier: Our baby

What insurance does my baby need?

If a child is born healthy, the mother’s insurance covers the hospital costs. However, if the baby is sick or there are complications during the birth, costs are covered solely by the insurance taken out for the child by the parents.

Text: Sonja Brunschwiler; photo: Sanitas

Basic insurance

New parents can take out basic health insurance for their child up to three months after the birth. This insurance also covers certain benefits retroactively from the day the baby is born. Please note that basic health insurance only covers standard benefits for the child, and any gaps in the cover can lead to high costs for the parents.

Supplementary insurance before the birth

It’s therefore a good idea to take out additional insurance for the child so that he or she is well protected. However, unlike basic insurance, supplementary insurance plans don’t apply retroactively. Taking out supplementary insurance for a baby before the birth therefore  offers the following advantages:

  • Better insurance cover for the child right from their birth – even in the event of illness or birth-related complications
  • Free choice of hospitals and doctors if the child requires treatment
  • Higher costs covered if the child requires treatment
  • Under certain circumstances, the child may be admitted to the supplementary insurance plan without a medical exam.

Examples of newborn benefits only covered under supplementary insurance plans:

  • Osteopathy and craniosacral therapy (provided by therapists recognised by the health insurer)
  • Milk substitute if prescribed by a doctor

Personal liability cover

With children, you never know when something is going to get broken, so it’s important to have personal liability cover. Remember to add your children to your insurance. It’s usually enough just to inform your insurance company. 

Household contents insurance

Do you already have household contents insurance? As you buy lots of new items for your baby, the value of your contents increases too, so remember to adjust your insurance sum, because being underinsured can have unpleasant consequences.

Life insurance

If you want your family to be financially secure in the event of disability or death of the main wage earner, you should take out life insurance. Should the worst happen, the insurance will also pay benefits for childcare and domestic help.