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Health insurance card – always to hand

At the doctor, pharmacy, hospital, in emergencies abroad or for medical advice over the phone, you are well equipped with the Sanitas insurance card.

Insurance card definition

The health insurance card contains the insured’s personal details and important information on their health insurance. Issued in credit card format, the insurance card can be used throughout Europe.

What information is stored on the health insurance card?

On the front of the insurance card you will find your name, date of birth and details on your health insurance. On the back you will find all the information you need if you require medical treatment abroad.

Here we explain all the information on the insurance card in detail.

Why should I always have my health insurance card with me?

Your health insurance card simplifies the billing procedure with your health insurance company. Always show it in when you use the services of pharmacies, hospitals and medical practices.

You should always have your health insurance card with you when you travel abroad. The card is considered proof of insurance in case of emergency medical treatment.

Good to know: You only have to shake your phone gently to activate the insurance card in the Sanitas Portal app. You can activate the shake function in the app settings. You can download the Sanitas Portal app here.

What to do if you lose your insurance card?

Get in touch and we’ll order you a new insurance card. Please note that it can take up to 6 weeks for your new card to arrive. Sanitas does not charge a fee for the cards, even though a new card costs around CHF 5 to produce.