First steps in the working world

You’ve landed your first proper job and got your foot on the first rung of the career ladder? That’s great. You’ll soon have your first salary payment. It’s a huge step towards independence. Find out here what you need to know about your health insurance.

Most young people in Switzerland choose a job that matches their interests, and have firm ideas of what they want to do professionally. About 90% say that they enjoy working, that they find the work interesting and that they have a good relationship with their employer. This is good, because we spend a lot of time at work, and the working day can be tough. It’s important to create a healthy balance. Exercise can help reduce stress. And a balanced diet helps keep you healthy.

Exclude accident cover to save money on your premiums

When you’re at school or university you have to insure yourself for accident. If you’re employed for at least 8 hours a week with the same employer, you are insured for accident through them. This requirement is defined by the Accident Insurance Act (UVG/LAA).

So, as soon as you’re employed under these conditions, you can exclude accident cover from your basic insurance. You’ll save 6% on your premium. To adjust your cover, give us a call or make the change yourself in the Sanitas Portal.

Take out health insurance through your employer

Many companies offer group health insurance plans for their employees. Most of these offers include premium discounts and special benefit packages.

Ask your employer whether they have a group health insurance plan. But remember to check the benefits carefully. If you have better cover with your current health insurance, it may make sense to keep your individual supplementary insurance plans.

Do you have adequate health insurance cover?

Find out what level of accident insurance is provided by your employer. Maybe you have hospital insurance for the general ward, which means you’ll be treated in the general ward in a multi-bed room. If you previously had semiprivate or private accident insurance, we recommend that you still include accident insurance in your supplementary insurance.

Key benefits

  • Free choice of doctors and hospitals in Switzerland and abroad
  • Treatment by chief or senior consultant
  • Full costs covered for emergency treatment abroad
  • Liberty option: Choose a ward before admission to hospital
  • Higher costs covered for transport and rescue

You have to apply in writing to exclude accident cover from your supplementary insurance. If you want to include accident cover again at a later date, you have to apply and answer health questions. Health insurers are entitled to accept your application, accept it with restrictions or reject it outright.

Healthy eating at work

No matter whether you work in an office or outdoors, the working day is tiring, which makes your lunch break all the more important. It is possible to eat a healthy and varied diet even on a low budget.

  • Bringing food from home: what do you need? All you need is a tupperware box for your leftovers from the night before. Hey presto! You have lunch for the next day. 
  • Company canteen: canteen food is no longer tasteless slop. And it doesn’t cost much either. If you only eat fried food occasionally and opt for vegetables and grains instead you’re eating a healthy diet.
  • Takeaway: in cities in particular you’ll find countless shops and takeaways that offer delicious, home-made food to go - sometimes even at great prices. Take a closer look at the shops near you.

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