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Mental health guide

Stress, anxiety, worries: is your psychological health out of balance? The Mental health guide helps you find the right therapy option, thereby enabling you to get mentally fit again or helping you prepare for future challenges.

Challenging situations are part and parcel of life. But sometimes the psychological stress becomes too much to bear alone, especially if you are reluctant to act for a very long time. Many people shy away from recognising that they have a problem and seeking professional help.

The Mental health guide makes the search easy and uncomplicated – taking in everything from handy apps for coaching and online therapy to psychotherapy. With Sanitas, you benefit from free access or attractive special rates and services to support your mental health.

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Benefits of the Mental health guide

  • Initial assessment of your psychological health
  • A recommendation for online therapy and psychotherapy that is tailored to your needs
  • Quick and straightforward access to psychological advice
  • Handpicked partners and psychotherapists ranging from prevention and consultations to self-help coaching and therapy
  • Free access or special discounted prices

How it works

Promoting psychological health – with our partners

Klenico – mental health check

Based on a scientifically-proven online questionnaire, followed by a consultation with a specialist, Klenico analyses your mental health issues and recommends a suitable form of therapy.

Klenico is an independent digital diagnostics company that was spun off from the University of Zurich. The system is based on scientific findings and is a certified medical product.

More about Klenico

Gaia – online coaching programmes

Gaia is a pioneer in the field of online therapy. The company has been developing certified medical products that are approved throughout Europe since 1997. Sanitas offers access to the programmes reviga, deprexis and velibra, which are based on cognitive behavioural therapy: By becoming conscious of your own thoughts and feelings you are able to promote a change in attitude, thereby strengthening your mental health.

reviga is a programme designed for those suffering from stress and burnout, while deprexis offers support in case of despondency and depressive moods. velibra helps you learn to deal better with worries and anxiety.

More about Gaia

HelloBetter – digital therapy

The HelloBetter online courses offer support for various mental health issues. The Stress Management and Depression Prevention courses encourage you to take precautionary steps to safeguard your mental health. There are also a number of specific online programmes for those with acute symptoms: Panic attacks, excessive alcohol consumption, problems sleeping, stress and burnout, vaginismus and depression.

HelloBetter is an independent provider of digital medical solutions for mental health conditions. The effectiveness of the online therapy courses has been proven in clinical trials.

More about HelloBetter

Aepsy – help finding the right therapist

Swiss platform Aepsy provides hand-picked and experienced therapists for psychotherapy and psychological coaching. A matching system is used to suggest suitable psychotherapists depending on each person’s situation. Aepsy’s goal is to ensure that people get the help they need quickly and without judgement.

More about Aepsy

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