Compulsory health insurance (OKP) – a solid foundation

Compulsory health insurance and basic insurance are two terms for the same thing. They describe the legal scope of the health insurance that every person resident in Switzerland has to take out.

Definition of compulsory health insurance (OKP)

Compulsory health insurance, usually shorted to basic insurance, reimburses examinations and treatments for illness, accident and maternity. These must be effective, expedient and economical in accordance with the Health Insurance Act (KVG/HIA).

Do all compulsory health insurance providers offer the same benefits?

Yes, Swiss health insurers are obliged by law to cover the same benefits under basic insurance.

In addition to the standard model (free choice of doctors, deductible of CHF 300), Sanitas offers several alternative insurance models (AIM). Find out here which model suits you best.

How high are the premiums?

The basic insurance premiums depend on a number of factors:

  • Place of residence
  • Age
  • Insurance model (e.g. family doctor, HMO, telemedicine)
  • Deductible

You can use the Sanitas premium calculator to calculate your premium directly for different deductibles and insurance models.

Are health insurers allowed to reject new customers taking out basic health insurance?

No, health insurers are obliged to accept every applicant into basic insurance without restrictions, regardless of age, sex and state of health.

With supplementary insurance, on the other hand, health insurers are allowed to reject applications or apply restrictions based on their state of health.