Supplementary insurance – greater comfort and more services

Supplementary insurance plans are voluntary. They cover benefits that go beyond basic insurance, such as alternative methods of treatment or greater comfort during a hospital stay.

What is supplementary insurance?

Basic insurance covers the most important benefits. Supplementary insurance plans complement basic insurance, covering benefits that are not mandatory, such as contributions to alternative medicine or gym memberships. Basic insurance is compulsory, whereas supplementary insurance is voluntary.

When should you take out supplementary insurance?

Mandatory basic health insurance – basic insurance for short – covers benefits in case of illness, accident and maternity. These benefits are the same for all people living in Switzerland.

If you want additional benefits or greater comfort, you can take out supplementary insurance.

What supplementary insurance plans are available?

In addition to classic supplementary hospital insurance, health insurers offer a wide range of insurance plans for every life situation.

Here you will find more information on the Sanitas supplementary hospital insurance plans and here other supplementary insurance.

Most popular supplementary insurance plans:

  • Supplementary hospital insurance with free choice of doctors and/or hospitals throughout Switzerland and hospitalisation in the private or semiprivate ward
  • Individual supplementary insurance plans covering benefits for complementary and alternative medicine, preventive care, glasses and contact lenses, stays abroad and much more
  • Dental insurance for orthodontic treatment and corrections
  • Daily benefits insurance
Basic insurance
Choose a basic insurance model that meets your needs:
  • Five models for basic insurance
  • Free choice of doctors, telemedicine, family doctor or HMO practice
  • Attractive premium discount
To the models
Supplementary insurance plans
Supplement basic insurance benefits
  • Cover costs that exceed basic insurance
  • Money towards additional treatments such as alternative medicine
  • Contributions towards preventive care such as check-ups
Supplementary insurance
Supplementary hospital insurance plans
Choose a hospital ward
  • General, semiprivate or private
  • Free choice of doctors and hospitals in Switzerland and abroad
  • Greater flexibility thanks to Hospital Upgrade
Hospital insurance