Annoying phone calls

Have you had annoying phone calls from call centres? We have some tips on how to respond.

Recently Sanitas has been getting a growing number of complaints from customers who have been contacted on the phone by call centres. In many cases these call centres have even claimed to be calling on behalf of Sanitas. What can you do about it?


We’re aware of the problem

We’re sorry to say that certain brokers and call centres resort to disreputable methods, and are bothering our customers as well. We would like to reassure you that Sanitas does not make phone calls of this sort to arrange consultations, and does not commission other parties to do so either.

Often the data come from companies that systematically gather information under the guise of surveys and competitions, and then sell it on to brokers.

We’re currently in the process of gathering all reports of this behaviour, and are looking for legally viable ways of proceeding systematically against these call centres. For this reason we’re especially grateful for reports from alert customers like yourself.

Tips for the next time you get an unsolicited call:

  • Note the date, time and phone number. Also explicitly ask for the name of the company. We’d be grateful if you’d send us this information.
  • Don’t be talked into making dubious appointments.
  • Never give information about your health insurance to other parties on the phone.
  • If you have any questions about your health insurance, we recommend calling the experts at your service centre or your personal Preference customer advisor.

How do you recognise this kind of call centre?

  • The broker is calling from a call centre with a name like “Informationszentrum Bern”.
  • The caller does not speak Swiss German.
  • The caller claims that your health insurer will be sending a letter announcing a 20-30% increase in premiums. They tell you that this is your last chance to change insurers.
  • The caller has only one aim: to agree an appointment for a consultation.
  • The agreed appointments are passed on to “intermediaries”.

If you get a call from a call centre like this, please let us know on 0844 150 150.