Support in the event of illness

Everyone feels under the weather some time. Perhaps you have a tickle in your throat, your head is aching or you have problems with your digestion. What do you do in these situations? Your digital health partner Alva provides rapid and straightforward help in the quick recovery guide. 

If you fall ill, it’s crucial to know who to contact. This can vary depending on your basic insurance model (e.g. family doctor, telemedicine). You can find your personal medical contact quickly and easily in the quick recovery guide. Or use the doctor locator to find a specialist near you in just a few clicks. If you’re unsure whether you need to see a doctor, you can get an initial assessment using the fully digital symptom check. And to get you back to full strength as soon as possible, the guide also offers tried-and-tested home remedies to ease your symptoms. 

How to benefit from the quick recovery guide

Download the Sanitas Portal app to use the quick recovery guide

Benefits of the quick recovery guide

  • Rapid assistance in the event of illness
  • Various personal contact options for medical queries
  • Specific recommendations for action based on your symptoms
  • Practical search functions for doctors, pharmacies or generic drugs
  • Interactive cover check to find out which benefits are covered
  • Tried-and-tested home remedies 

Louis tried the guide

He’s had an itchy rash on his lower arm for a few days. Now he wants to seek medical advice. Louis hasn’t been to see a doctor for a long time, so doesn’t know exactly what to do.

He finds help in the quick recovery guide. First he enters his symptoms in the symptom check. The result: initial advice on how to ease the itching and a recommendation that he should see a medical professional. Conveniently, the digital health partner Alva shows him straight away who he has to contact under his basic insurance plan. All Louis has to do now is make an appointment.

Do you have any questions about the quick recovery guide?

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