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Innovation for today and tomorrow


Needs change, which is why we are continually developing new products and services for modern, easily accessible healthcare. To do so, we rally together all the best talents in our ranks and encourage collaboration with innovative start-ups.

What catches our eye?

Sanitas wants to supports its customers as a healthcare partner. We are interested in applications and offerings that encourage our customers to take their fitness into their own hands and deal with their insurance matters quickly and easily. We are also interested in start-ups that help us to make our core processes more efficient and lower healthcare costs.

We are looking for innovational strength

To do so, we enter into partnership with selected start-ups, support joint pilot projects and offer our support to promising setups, also in the form of venture capital, for example for:

  • Prevention: business ideas that encourage a holistic, healthy lifestyle or with a connection to preventive check-ups
  • Support: Products and services that offer support during treatment, if you suffer from a chronic illness or are pregnant
  • Treatment: Start-ups with exciting offerings that make initial assessments more efficient or improve existing diagnoses and treatments
  • Insurance: Innovative approaches to improve efficiency in our core processes, to aid intelligent use of data and make things more convenient for our customers. And also ideas that encourage a radical rethink of the health insurance industry
  • Taboo subjects: New ways to tackle taboo subjects in medicine

How can we get to know each other?

Are you a successful start-up working in one of the above-mentioned areas? Do you think we could achieve more if we worked together? Then get in contact via – preferably with a specific enquiry and pitch.

Strong partnerships

Just some of the start-ups that Sanitas has collaborated with:

Roughly every 13th baby is still born prematurely in Switzerland. Premature births often have dramatic consequences for those involved and costs can spiral very quickly. The ETH spin-off Pregnolia AG has been tackling this problem head on. In the last few years it has developed a method of measurement that is more accurately able to predict the risk of a possible premature birth.

Sanitas is the first health insurer in Switzerland to reimburse the cost of the Pregnolia test for customers who have supplementary outpatient insurance (Classic, Family, Jump). The system is currently used in selected practices and hospitals.

More about Pregnolia

The Sanitas Coach app supports users by helping them keep an eye on their health, offering services designed specifically to help those suffering from high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes or sleep disorders. The app developer, Pathmate Technology, creates apps that help support people in terms of preventive care and self-management of chronic illnesses in everyday life. The content has been developed and improved upon in close collaboration with medical experts in this field. The success of Pathmate’s approach has been proven in numerous scientific studies.

More about Pathmate

The Sanitas Active app encourages users in a playful manner to get more exercise and eat healthily. The Food Scanner analyses your meals and the nutrients they contain. This service was developed by SNAQ and integrated into the Active app. SNAQ made it their mission to uncover the impact that your diet has on your health. It provides personal recommendations and an insight into your eating habits.

More about Snaq

Ava is a bracelet with built-in sensors that helps women reliably determine their fertility window in real time. Thanks to our partnership with Ava, Sanitas customers benefit from a reduction on the price of the bracelet plus valuable information on planning a family. Customers who take out the Planning a Family supplementary insurance plan receive this bracelet free of charge.

More about Ava

More than two million people in Switzerland have to take medication on a regular basis. Medication not being taken or not being taken correctly is a major driver of costs in the Swiss healthcare industry. The TOM app helps users to keep an overview of their medication and ensure that they take them at the correct time and in the correct dosage.

More about Tom

Sanitas Portal app users can enter their symptoms and receive an appropriate course of action directly. This certified service was developed by Sensely Inc. In collaboration with the renowned Mayo Clinic in America and integrated into the Sanitas Portal app.

More about Sensely