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Pay bills quickly and easily using Apple Pay

We think paying bills should be as easy as possible, so you have time to enjoy the more important things in life. This is why we’ve introduced a new feature for our customers! In addition to TWINT and credit card, Apple users can now pay their premiums invoices and claims settlements in next to no time with Apple Pay.

Simple, quick, secure and confidential

With Apple Pay, you pay your invoices in just a few clicks:

  • Open the unpaid invoice in the customer portal or in the Sanitas Portal app
  • Choose “Pay now”
  • Select Apple Pay, TWINT or credit card as the method of payment
  • Pay in just a few clicks


Try it out

Try the new feature for yourself! Log in to the customer portal or the Sanitas Portal app. Under “Documents & invoices” you’ll find the new payment option for each unpaid bill. The Apple Pay function is only available to users with an Apple device. Customers who don’t have an Apple device can still pay their bills by TWINT or credit card.

Easier payments

Not signed up yet?

If you’ve not yet signed up for the Sanitas customer portal and the Portal app, why not do so now! You’ll be sent your login details shortly. Once you’ve registered you’ll receive all future invoices electronically directly in the customer portal and in the Portal app. 

Sign up now

Gold and silver

The “Easy payment” service won gold and silver at the Best of Swiss Web Award Night. In the Portal app, customers can scan in bills with their smartphone and pay easily by TWINT or credit card.

Top of the class

The Bern-based digital agency Unic has published a broad-based series of studies on the digital presence of Swiss health insurance companies. Our customer portal got top scores across the board.