Important questions on solidarity and digitalisation

The Sanitas health insurance foundation encourages debate on the topic of digitalisation. It offers a platform for public debate on the development of solidarity.

Digitalisation is opening up opportunities in almost all areas of life. Companies – Sanitas included – are developing products and services with the aim of making them as easy as possible for customers to use. However, the developments are opening up entrepreneurial and social questions:

  • How do people feel about the way increasing amounts of data on their health and habits are being captured and measured in real time?
  • How does this affect personal behaviour and individual responsibility?
  • What is the impact on group dynamics if we're increasingly being compared to one another?
  • Are people taking greater responsibility for their actions? Is it creating new forms of solidarity?

The Sanitas foundation is stimulating debate around such questions with studies and impulse papers. 

Surveys & studies

The Sanitas health insurance foundation uses representative studies and nationwide surveys to investigate people’s lives and behaviour in connection with digitalisation.

Food for thought

How does digitalisation affect solidarity? The Sanitas health insurance foundation presents studies and offers experts and think tanks a platform for debate.


The Sanitas health insurance foundation takes an active part in dialogue. Here you’ll find an overview of events in which the Sanitas foundation has taken part.