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The foundation takes part in open exchange


The Sanitas health insurance foundation not only promotes and supports, but also actively participates in dialogue itself. Here you’ll find an overview of events in which the Sanitas foundation has taken part.

Sanitas at the 2021 Digital Festival


On September 23 and 24, Sanitas is once again taking part in the Digital Festival, held this year with the motto “Make it personal”. In the ”Medicine of the future” lab, Isabelle Vautravers, Andrea Gerfin and Alain Kamm (Head of Health Navigator, Sanitas) will discuss the following question with visitors: With whom and for what reasons would you share personal health data?

Medicine and preventive care of the future will increasingly rely on individual health data. Either collected by the doctor/therapist or measuredourselves using an app.With whom would you share your health data? For personalgain, such as innovative treatments, or also for the benefit of society as awhole?

The lab will present the results of the “Data society and solidarity survey 2021”, highlighting the opportunities and risks from the perspective of the Swiss population and providing a practical insight into the health services of Sanitas. We will also be discussing which areas of conflict need to be resolved by society with regard to personalized medicine.

More on the 2021 Digital Festival

To the labs

Surveys & studies

The Sanitas health insurance foundation uses representative studies and nationwide surveys to investigate people’s lives and behaviour in connection with digitalisation.

Food for thought

How does digitalisation affect solidarity? The Sanitas health insurance foundation presents studies and offers experts and think tanks a platform for debate.