Digital aids offer untapped potential in addressing psychological issues

Digital applications to support mental health are still relatively unknown. A representative online survey shows that these tools offer the most potential in the area of online psychotherapy. Online services such as apps that do not involve a specialist are the least well known and considered least trustworthy.

Although many people in Switzerland suffer from or know someone who suffers from psychological issues, they are reluctant to try out digital aids for their prevention and treatment. Young people are particularly open to trying digital forms of therapy and consider them useful.

Willingness to try online help for psychological issues

Almost half of those surveyed would be willing to use digital apps to boost their mental health (prevention), online self-tests and online therapy with a specialist. In other words, digital aids offer plenty of untapped potential in supporting those with psychological issues.

Opportunity for mental health

Offers for online psychotherapy are already available in Switzerland, but they currently have to be paid for by patients themselves. Online psychotherapy shows particularly high acceptance among young people and could be an opportunity to offer this group, which is particularly affected by psychological stress, flexible therapy options, e.g. to bridge waiting times. It could be a useful alternative to personal counselling at the therapist’s office. Cost coverage under basic insurance is currently under discussion (as at April 2024). Approximately 40% of the population can imagine making use of this offer.

Representative study

This is the result of a representative online survey conducted by intervista AG on behalf of the Sanitas health insurance foundation. The study examines the extent to which digital solutions could replace or supplement in-person psychotherapy.

The survey was conducted in January 2024 by intervista AG and included 2,009 people between the ages of 15 and 79 from all over Switzerland.

Food for thought

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