Medgate – Free medical advice

In partnership with Medgate we offer people insured with us rapid, easy access to medical advice. This saves you money, and by cutting out unnecessary visits to the doctor it saves you time as well. The Medgate team, staffed by more than 70 doctors and medical professionals, is there to advise you around the clock, seven days a week. Just call 0844 111 365.

Second medical opinion

Medgate can also refer you for a second opinion. Whether you have a question related to a planned operation or are looking for an alternative to a particular outpatient or inpatient therapy, input from the specialists can give you clarity on the next steps in your treatment.

Medgate app

The Medgate app gives you even quicker access to medical advice. Want to be able to get individual advice, answers to questions about your insurance, or rapid assistance in an emergency? Now you’re able to get all this via the easy-to-use Medgate app.

It's very easy

  1. Download the Medgate app free of charge.
  2. Create your personal profile, select Sanitas as your health insurer, and then select Compact One.
  3. That’s all there is to it.

The benefits for you as a Compact customer:

As a Compact customer you have access to additional services via the app. Under Services you can contact the children’s health hotline with a single click if your children fall ill, or arrange an emergency nanny, and you can contact your Compact Centre direct if you have questions related to your insurance.

Download the app now for immediate, easy access to Medgate and the new Compact services.

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