Staying fit and healthy with Sanitas

Staying fit and healthy with Sanitas

Exercise plays a key role in staying healthy. Sanitas wants to help you keep fit.

In an effort to help you stay or get fit and healthy, Sanitas offers services designed specifically with these goals in mind. Examples include our health programmes, contributions to fitness centre memberships and courses.

If you have any further questions, please contact your service centre.

What is prevention?

Prevention encompasses pre-emptive measures designed to prevent or delay the onset of illness or reduce the effects of an illness.

What are health programmes?

Our health programmes are designed to promote good health through preventive or complementary measures.

Sanitas customers can take part in any of the following programmes free of charge:

Which supplementary insurance plans pay contributions to promote healthy living?

  • Classic, Family, Jump: max. CHF 200 per calendar year
  • Natura Comfort: 50% up to max. CHF 200 per area/year, contributions up to max. CHF 500 per calendar year
  • Hospital Extra Liberty, Hospital Top Liberty: free participation in our health programmes.

What conditions must be met for a cost share?

Sanitas contributes proportionately towards the costs of preventive measures if these are provided at certified fitness centres (subscription of at least 6 months) and – in the case of Wincare customers – towards the costs of certified exercise classes run by recognised course providers.

Which fitness centres/instructors are certified?


  • Qualitop or Fitnessguide-certified (minimum rating of 3 stars full care) fitness centres


Wincare line

  • Qualitop or Fitnessguide-certified (minimum rating of 3 stars full care) fitness centres
  • Qualitop-certified fitness instructors

This certification ensures the quality of the provider. As a health insurer, we do not award any separate accreditations or certifications.

Lists of certified fitness centres:

List of certified fitness instructors/course providers:

How are health promotion contributions reimbursed?

Send the confirmation of your subscription, sales receipt or copy of the contract to your local service centre or using the Sanitas customer portal app. Once the documents have been reviewed, the claim will be paid directly to your account.

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