Dossier: Exercise videos

How to keep fit on holiday

With the summer holidays fast approaching, we can often wave goodbye to fitness programmes and healthy eating for a couple of weeks. However, to stay in shape, you need just one piece of equipment – and luckily it fits in any suitcase.

Text: Sanitas; Films and photos: Sebastian Doerk

For many people, being on holiday means relaxing, lying around, eating good food and maybe indulging in one more glass of wine than usual. The normal fitness program quickly falls by the wayside. However, with one little training aid in your case you have everything you need to stay in shape while on holiday. All you’ve got to do is unpack the miniband – and use it, of course. Martina Kratzer, athletics coach and national water polo player, explains how in a short video.

Sanitas Miniband Challenge

Exercise whenever and wherever you want! Watch the video to find out how to train your legs and bottom with the miniband.

Healthy eating on holiday

It’s one thing keeping active on holiday, but it’s also important to eat healthily if you want to avoid taking home a few extra pounds as a souvenir. A study conducted at the University of Georgia in Athens shows that any weight you put on while on holiday, stays on for six weeks afterwards – and you may never shed the extra pounds. This study also showed that the average weight gain while on holiday is twice as high as when we’re at home. The researchers put this down, among other things, to increased alcohol consumption. So when it comes to food, it’s a good idea to replace some of the local specialities with lower-calorie alternatives. For example, a good first step would be to swap fatty and sugary Baklava in Turkey for honey figs, or carbohydrate-laden pasta in Italy for grilled fish and vegetables. This way, you don’t have to say no to an ice cream on the beach in the afternoon.