Dossier: Exercise videos

These exercises help strengthen your knees

Doing the right exercises will help strengthen your knees and prevent knee pain. We show you the most effective exercises that you can do at home.

Text: Isabelle van Beek; photo & video: Sebastian Doerk

Most people experience knee pain once or more during their lifetime. And it’s no wonder, because the knee is the biggest joint in the human body and subject to major strain every day.

That’s why pain prevention is all the more important. To ensure your knees don’t get sore and even prevent injury, you can strengthen the muscles around the hinge joint and thus stabilise your knees. Lack of exercise is a frequent cause of knee pain. Moderate physical exercise is good for your knees.

10 knee exercises to do at home

We’ve put together an effective workout to improve your knee strength and prevent knee pain. To do the exercises, you don’t need any special equipment or experience, just a chair. Martina Stucki, personal trainer at Zone4Performance in Winterthur, guides you through the knee strengthening exercises. 

Do these exercises two or three times a week. You can also add them to other training sessions as a warm-up or make them part of your daily routine. “It’s good for both your body and mind to do mobility or activation exercises now and again,” says Martina Stucki. “And you can even do some of the exercises, e.g. standing on one leg, while brushing your teeth.”

What training can I do alongside these exercises?

Why are strong knee joints so important? “Strong leg and gluteal muscles act like shock absorbers and can protect against wear and tear and injury,” explains Stucki. “We have to look at the body as a whole. The same applies to our joints. Our knee joints need to be strong, and this is where strength training comes in. In contrast, the neighbouring foot and hip joints need to be mobile, so we do mobility training to ensure they remain fit and healthy. To prevent poor posture, we need strong knees as well as mobile foot and hip joints.”

If you not only want to strengthen your knees but also want to keep healthy and improve your strength overall, why not try our whole-body workout? If you prefer to work on your endurance, then our high intensity interval training is the best workout for you.