How to turn any stairs into fitness equipment

Personal trainer Andreas Tasci often uses stairs in his sessions for efficient training whatever the location. To do these five exercises all you need is a set of stairs.

Text: Clau Isenring

If you regularly take the stairs instead of the lift then you’re already doing something for your health, because climbing stairs increases your heart rate, strengthens your muscles and uses three times as much energy as walking on a flat surface. In a study* conducted by British sports scientists, participants increased their cardiorespiratory fitness by 17% in eight weeks – just by climbing stairs regularly.

*Source: British Journal of Sports Medicine

Stair exercise plan

This training plan shows how you can integrate the five exercises into your daily routine. You’ll feel much fitter in just a few weeks. If the exercises become too easy for you, simply increase the number of repetitions or your speed. Options: increase the difficulty of the exercises by using a weighted rucksack, briefcase, full water bottle or other form of extra weight.