Supplementary insurance for families

Our Family supplementary insurance plan is ideal for parents who want comprehensive protection for their family. The Family plan offers useful additional benefits such as orthodontic treatments that are not covered or only partially covered under basic insurance.

Please note that we have launched the new Vital supplementary insurance plan as of January 2024 and are therefore closing the Family supplementary insurance plan. This means that Family can now only be taken out if at least one family member in the same household is already insured under the Jump, Classic or Family supplementary insurance plan.

The closure doesn’t affect your existing insurance coverage. It remains in place and you continue to enjoy the usual benefits.

Your benefits with Family

The Family supplementary insurance plan includes benefits that are important for many families. You don’t have to choose each benefit individually and can be sure of comprehensive cover. This complete solution pays higher or additional costs and contributions compared to basic insurance. For example, for:


  • Alternative medicine
  • Maternity
  • Fitness centre membership and courses
  • Check-ups
  • Gynaecological check-ups
  • Glasses
  • Dental braces
Basic insurance
Choose a basic insurance model that meets your needs:
  • Five models for basic insurance
  • Free choice of doctors, telemedicine, family doctor or HMO practice
  • Attractive premium discount
To the models
Supplementary insurance plans
Supplement basic insurance benefits
  • Cover costs that exceed basic insurance
  • Money towards additional treatments such as alternative medicine
  • Contributions towards preventive care such as check-ups
Supplementary insurance
Supplementary hospital insurance plans
Choose a hospital ward
  • General, semiprivate or private
  • Free choice of doctors and hospitals in Switzerland and abroad
  • Greater flexibility thanks to Hospital Upgrade
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