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Our baby has arrived


Having a baby turns everything on its head. Take the time to get to know each other. Your baby needs your full attention and protection. Newborn babies have very weak natural defences. It’s advisable to stay at home for a week after the birth. 

Your baby needs its own health insurance no later than three months after the birth. Basic insurance cover always applies from birth. So which costs are covered by basic insurance in the first years of life, and when is supplementary insurance necessary?

What costs are covered by basic insurance?

Examples of benefits covered by basic insurance:

During the first year

  • Primary vaccinations such as diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough and polio
  • Measles, mumps, rubella
  • Examinations regarding general health and normal child development
  • Hip sonography
  • Vitamin D supplement to prevent rickets

After first year

  • Examinations regarding general health and normal child development
  • Glasses and contact lenses with eye test by doctor

What costs are covered by supplementary insurance?

Examples of costs only covered by supplementary health insurance:

During the first year

  • Osteopathy and craniosacral therapy by therapists recognised by Sanitas (NVS/ASCA/EMR)
  • If medically prescribed: Milk substitute for children under the age of two who cannot tolerate mothers’ milk

After first year

  • Glasses and contact lenses without medical prescription
  • Braces for misaligned teeth

Cover Check: which benefits are covered by your insurance?

Do you want to know, for example, if Sanitas covers vaccinations for your child, and if so, to what extent? You can use the Cover Check in the Sanitas customer portal to find out quickly and easily. Simply enter the benefit you’re interested in. The search engine will indicate whether the benefit is covered and under which insurance plan.

Family-friendly insurance solutions

The insurance solution that’s best for you depends primarily on your requirements and your budget. We’ve put together three insurance packages for every budget.

Compact One

Binding medical advice by phone

Accident Extra Liberty or Accident Top Liberty

Semiprivate or private accident insurance

Capital Accident

Lump-sum capital insurance in the event of death and/or disability

Basic / CallMed / CareMed / NetMed

Basic insurance with a free choice of doctors or alternative insurance models

Hospital Standard Liberty

Flexible hospital insurance for the general ward

Hospital Upgrade

Upgrade to a higher category of hospital insurance within a period of up to 20 years without a medical exam


Basic insurance with a free choice of doctors


Family-friendly supplementary insurance with premium discount for children

Hospital Extra Liberty or Hospital Top Liberty

Flexible hospital insurance for the semiprivate or private ward

Medical hotline open around the clock, seven days a week

Sometimes it’s difficult to decide whether you need to visit a doctor or not. In case of doubt, call our partner Medgate’s medical hotline, where a team of medical professionals is on hand 24/7 to provide support and advice. This service is available to all Sanitas customers free of charge.


Medical hotline

0844 110 110

Money-saving tips for families

Basic insurance

Families receive a discount on their children’s basic insurance premiums.

  • Sanitas: 77.5% discount on the adult premium
  • Compact: 77% discount on the adult premium


Supplementary insurance plans

With the Classic, Family and Hospital Standard Liberty supplementary insurance plans:

  • Premium exemption from the third child


Family supplementary insurance

Every child who has basic insurance plus Family supplementary insurance with Sanitas receives:

  • A loyalty bonus of CHF 50 per year with Sanitas
All money-saving tips

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