Double insurance – unnecessary and expensive

Double insurance is when you take out two insurance plans that cover the same risk. Double insurance causes extra costs that can be avoided.

Definition of double insurance

Double or multiple insurance occurs when you have taken out two or more insurance plans that cover the same risk. This may be the case with the same provider or with different providers. Insureds often unknowingly take out multiple insurance plans, as is sometimes the case with accident insurance.

How can I find out whether I have double insurance?

In most cases, double insurance is unnecessary and expensive. It may therefore be worth reviewing your insurance cover and checking directly with your health insurer and your employer.

Is it possible to have double insurance?

You will find an explanation and two examples here: When it comes to health insurance, the following cases commonly occur in connection with double insurance:

  • Basic insurance covers the statutory minimum
  • Supplementary outpatient insurance: Supplementary outpatient insurance plans insure risks associated with outpatient treatment 
  • Supplementary hospital insurance: Supplementary hospital insurance plans
  • Accident insurance: If you work at least 8 hours a week for the same employer, you are automatically insured for occupational and non-occupational accidents. The risk of accident is insured via your employer (Swiss Federal Statutory Accident Insurance Act) If you work for fewer than 8 hours a week, you are insured for occupational accidents via your employer and for non-occupational accidents via your health insurance.

Example of double insurance

Person A works for more than 8 hours for company A

Insurance Sanitas Health insurance XY Accident insurance with company A
Basic insurance Basic    
Supplementary outpatient insurance Vital Smart    
Supplementary hospital insurance Hospital Standard Liberty Supplementary hospital insurance XY  
Accident insurance
Included   Included

Person A has double insurance. He has two supplementary hospital insurance plans with two different health insurers that cover the same risk, plus two accident insurance plans. One with Sanitas and one via the employer.

Example of no double insurance

Person B is a student and does not work

Sanitas Health insurance XY
Basic insurance
Supplementary outpatient insurance Vital  
Supplementary hospital insurance   Supplementary hospital insurance XY
Accident insurance

Good to know: 

  • Double insurance is not possible with basic insurance.
  • Most frequent cases of double insurance occur with accident insurance. 
  • Or you can use the Cover Check in the Sanitas Portal to search for individual benefits.

What do I have to do if I find I have double insurance?

Let the insurance companies know. They will then discuss the next steps with you.

How can I cancel double insurance?

There is no right of cancellation due to double insurance. This means that you have to wait until the term of insurance for the relevant policy has expired. You will find details on the term of insurance in your policy.

What happens with a claim in case of double insurance?

The Swiss Federal Act on Insurance Policies governs what happens in case of double insurance. It stipulates that the claim must be borne jointly by the insurance companies.