List of medical supplies and devices (MiGeL) – what is it?

Basic health insurance covers the cost of bandages, walking aids or compression stockings when these are prescribed by a doctor. The list of medical supplies and devices (MiGeL) provides clarity for doctors, health insurers and insured persons.

Definition of list of medical supplies and devices

Medical supplies and devices are medical products that are required for medical treatment. MiGeL specifies which product groups are covered under mandatory basic health insurance).

Which products are included in the MiGeL list of medical supplies and devices?

This list includes products that are required to treat or monitor a disease. It is a very wide-ranging list. The product groups within it include more than 55,000 products. For example, the list includes the following medical supplies and devices:

  • Bandages
  • Incontinence aids
  • Walking aids and wheelchairs
  • Electrostimulation devices
  • Inhalation devices and respiratory therapy equipment
  • Prostheses
  • Compression stockings
  • Cryotherapy and heat therapy aids
  • And many others

To view the current lists of medical supplies and devices, go to the FOPH website.

How and when can you obtain products from the MiGeL list?

Whenever a doctor prescribes a particular product from the MiGeL list. Certain products may also be provided upon prescription by a chiropractor.

Insured persons receive MiGeL products from accredited providers, such as the medical practice or a pharmacy.

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Can MiGeL products be chosen freely?

Generally speaking, insured persons are free to choose specific products. MiGeL defines a maximum reimbursement amount for each product group. Up to this amount, the cost is covered by mandatory basic health insurance. Beyond this amount, insured persons have to cover the cost themselves.