FAQs on the Sanitas Portal


Who can use the Sanitas Portal?

The Sanitas Portal and Sanitas Portal app can be used by customers aged 18 and over. Non-customers also have access to a limited range of functions in the app.

I’d like to use the Sanitas Portal online or via the app. What do I have to do?

Already signed up?

If you already have log-in details for the Sanitas Portal, you can log in to the Sanitas Portal app and you will automatically be able to access the “Insurance”, “Payments” and “Health” areas. How it works:

  1. Open app or log in to browser
  2. Enter your email address or customer number
  3. Enter your password
  4. Enter the text message code

Good to know: in the app, you can activate biometric log-in after logging in for the first time using the text message code.


Not signed up yet?

If you don’t yet have a log-in for the Sanitas Portal, you can sign up and create an account on the Sanitas website or on the homepage of the Sanitas Portal app. Please note that the head of family has to create an account for families. However, everyone - even non-customers - can sign up for the “Health” area. How it works:

  1. Start the registration process by entering your customer number.
  2. Enter an email address, a phone number and a password for the log-in.
  3. We verify your identity to protect your data. This is done directly online or by post.

Online verification:  

  1. Once you’ve answered the security questions, you can log in immediately using your email address or customer number and your chosen password.
  2. After logging in, you receive a text message code for additional authentication.

Identification by post:

  1. We send a letter with a security token to your postal address. This can take a few days. 
  2. To log in, go to our website or open the app. 
  3. Log in using your email address and chosen password. 
  4. Enter the security token from the letter. 
  5. For additional security, we send you a text message code that you also have to enter.


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Where can I sign up for the Sanitas Portal?

You can sign up in the app or via the Sanitas website. Registration starts with the customer number. You can verify your identity directly online. You only need your insurance card. However, you can also order a letter with a security token. If the field for the customer number isn’t visible on sanitas.com, try using another browser. 

It says that my email address is already in use. What should I do?

To log in with your email address, only one account can be created per email address. If your email address is already being used, you have different options.

If the email address is for your own account: 

If you know your password, you can use it to log in. Otherwise, you have to reset your password. Then you can replace the email address in your profile or you can link the account with your customer number, for example to view your invoices.

If the email address is for the account of a family member:

Log in with the email address in question or ask the family member that manages the account to do so. After logging in, replace the email address in your profile so that you can register again. If you are co-insured, the person with the log-in details for the Sanitas Portal can enable access for you (Profile, Choose person, Enable access)

If you now manage your insurance plans yourself, please contact the Sanitas customer service team.  


An error message appears saying that the password, email address or customer number don’t match. What should I do?

Check the email address:

  • Check that you’ve entered the address correctly, e.g. upper and lower case.
  • If you have several email addresses, please ensure that you’ve entered the right one.y
  • Alternatively, try logging in with your customer number.


Check customer number:

  • Your customer number can be found on your health insurance card or policy document.
  • We accept the following formats: xx.xxxxx-x and xxxxxxx-x. Check whether the format is correct.
  • Alternatively, you can try logging on with your email address.


Check password:

  • Make the password visible by clicking on the crossed-out eye on the right.
  • Pay attention to upper and lower case.
  • Make sure that the caps lock button is deactivated.


If the error message persists, you can reset your password.

I’ve forgotten my password. How can I reset it?

Click on the link on the log-in page and enter your customer number. We will send an email to the registered address with information on what to do next. If you have a new email address, please contact the Sanitas customer service team.

If you are already logged in, you can change your password in your profile.

What is multi-factor authentication and what are the benefits?

Multi-factor authentication combines two or more independent credentials. The first step asks for the user name and password – information that the user knows. The second step requires authentication via text message or confirmation in a smartphone app – things that the user owns. Multi-factor authentication offers better protection against hacker attacks, because simply stealing or guessing a password is no longer sufficient to log in.

What additional security levels does Sanitas offer?

Password + text message

  • How it works: Enter your email address or customer number and your password. You will then receive a code via text message that you also have to enter.
  • Benefits: Text messages are widely used for two-factor authentication. For verification you only need a mobile number, not a smartphone, making this a viable option for almost all customers.
  • Note: To receive the text message, your mobile phone must be connected with the telephone network. And Sanitas must have the correct mobile number for you. Text messages are often unreliable abroad. Delays in the delivery of text messages are also possible. They also make life easier for hackers, because text messages are designed for communication and not cyber security.

Password + Portal app

  • How it works: Enter your email address or customer number and your password. You then receive a push notification via your Sanitas Portal app and can confirm the log-in with a single click.
  • Benefits: Using the Sanitas Portal app as a second authentication factor ensures a higher level of security. You only need an internet connection (WLAN, mobile data) and can confirm the log-in with a single click.- Note: you need a smartphone that meets the minimum operating system requirements (information available in the App Store / Google Play). The Sanitas Portal app also needs authorisation to send you push notifications.
  • How to set up multi-level authentication: Install the latest App version of the Sanitas Portal on your smartphone. You can activate your device in your profile under “Log-in & security”. If you haven’t already done so,, you will be asked to allow push notifications for the Sanitas Portal app.

If you only use the Sanitas Portal app and want to log in as quickly and securely as possible, go to your profile and activate the option ”Log-in with Face/Touch ID” under “Log-in & security”.

Which authentication level does Sanitas recommend?

As text messages are widely used and also available without a smartphone, authentication via text message is the default setting.

If you own a smartphone, we recommend that you use the Sanitas Portal app as a second authentication factor. Not only are you better protected, but you can also log in with a single click, regardless of network reception.

If you use the Portal app to manage your insurance affairs, we recommend that you protect your app additionally with Face/Touch ID.

Does the Sanitas Portal app use power in the background if I set it as the second authentication factor?

No, the app only uses power when it is open or when you start the log-in process.

What can I do if I don’t receive the text message with the code for the Sanitas Portal?

Sometimes it takes a little longer for the text message to arrive. If you haven’t received it after a few minutes, take the following steps:

  • Make sure you’ve entered the password and your customer number or email address correctly. This is the case if you only see the input field for the text message code.
  • Check whether you have network reception and make sure your mobile phone isn’t in flight mode.
  • Check whether the text message has been sent to the correct number by comparing the number on the screen with your phone number. If they don’t match, the Sanitas customer service team will be happy to help.
  • Get someone to send you a text message to check whether you are able to receive text messages at all.
  • Restart your mobile phone or switch the SIM card to another mobile phone to check whether it works there.
  • Make sure that the sender “Sanitas” isn’t blocked. If this is the case, you can unblock it like this:


  1. Open phone app
  2. Three point menu
  3. Settings
  4. Block numbers
  5. Next to the Sanitas number, click on “Delete”.


  1. Settings
  2. Phone
  3. Blocked contacts
  4. Edit
  5. Choose Sanitas number
  6. Select minus before the number
  • Certain apps block text messages. If you have one of the following apps on your phone, please uninstall them: local.ch, search.ch.
  • It is possible that your text message app is no longer up to date. Perform any updates required in the App Store or Google Play.


In rare cases

  • Check the text message app settings to ensure that your phone number is set correctly:
  • Notifications from text message app deactivated
  • SMS or device storage is full
  • Time and date set manually, taken automatically from network


  1. Open Messages app
  2. Settings
  3. Advanced
  4. Check phone number


  1. Settings
  2. Messages
  3. Send & receive
  4. Check whether your mobile phone number is set

If you are abroad, please note the following points:

  • Make sure that text messages can be received abroad. (Phone reception, flight mode deactivated)
  • Ensure that you haven’t activated a cost limit for your provider that prevents you from receiving text messages.

If you have any problems, contact the Sanitas customer service team and have information on your mobile phone (Android, iOS), the app version used and your provider to hand.

I’ve received a text message code, but it’s not correct.

There are various reasons for this:

  • The code is only valid for 5 minutes. After this time you cannot log in with this code. In this case, you need to request a new text message code.
  • When you request a new text message code, the old code is invalid. Wait for a few minutes between two log-in attempts to make sure you don’t enter an old code.
  • You made a typing error.

I have a new phone or the code is sent to the wrong phone number.

It’s my phone number

Log in once with the old phone number. You can change the phone number in your profile. If you use the app, you can also activate biometric log-in in your profile to make it easier to log in in the future.


It’s not my phone number

Contact the Sanitas customer service team to enter your new phone number.

Can I send the text message to a landline?

Sending text messages is possible on relatively few landline devices because this function is not in great demand. Sanitas only sends text messages to mobile phones to better ensure deliverability. The text message code is sent for security reasons. It is meant to ensure, in addition to the password, that it is actually you who is trying to log in and not another person.

Is log-in with Face/Touch ID secure? And where is my biometric data stored?

When you log in with Face/Touch ID, unique biometric properties that you have stored on your device are matched with the person who wants to log in. This process is much more secure than using a password, which can be forgotten, lost, stolen or guessed. The biometric data is only stored on your device and never forwarded, not even to Sanitas. In addition, this data is encrypted and stored in isolation on your device so that even the device manufacturer cannot see it.

I’ve activated biometric log-in, but I still have to enter my password and text message code.

If you haven’t logged in for several months, biometric log-in will be deactivated for security reasons. In the case, you have to log in once with your password. Then you can reactivate log-in via Face ID or Touch ID in your profile.

Biometric log-in also has to be reactivated in the following cases: 

  • You last logged in via text message on the same device.
  • Android: You deleted and re-added your fingerprints. 
  • iOS: You have revoked the Sanitas app’s authorisation to use biometric log-in.
  • You have logged in to the same device with another account. 
  • You have deleted the app and then installed it again.

Is my data still safe if I lose my phone?

As long as your device is locked and protected with a code or fingerprint, your data will be safe. However, we recommend that you get your phone provider to lock your SIM card asap and that you contact the Sanitas customer service team. We will be happy to lock your account temporarily or store a new phone number for the two-factor authentication. After logging in for the first time, you can activate the Portal app and Touch/Face ID as the second authentication factor in your profile.

I prefer to use the Sanitas Portal app. Can I deregister from the Sanitas Portal on my computer?

No, this is not possible. The Sanitas Portal and the Sanitas Portal app are connected. However, you can choose to use only the app.

Good to know: in the online version of the Sanitas Portal, you’ll find some functions that aren’t available in the app. For example, you can change your deductible or basic insurance model in the Sanitas Portal.


Is my Sanitas Portal log-in also valid for the “Health” area?

Yes, as a customer you have one log-in for all areas of the Sanitas Portal app. For example, this also includes “Active”, the Sanitas reward programme for a healthy lifestyle.

How is the Portal app different from the other Sanitas apps?

The Sanitas Portal app is the central Sanitas app and is designed to help you manage your insurance affairs and provide an overview of all other services offered by Sanitas.

Sanitas customers also have access to the following apps: 

  • Sanitas Medgate app: The Sanitas Medgate app is recommended for all customers who like to get rapid and straightforward advice in the event of medical queries.
  • Sanitas Coach app: The Sanitas Coach app is a certified medicine app that helps you achieve a healthier lifestyle. In this way, you can prevent illness or make everyday life with an illness easier. 

Which smartphones are compatible with the Sanitas Portal app?

The Sanitas Portal app runs on Android and Apple operating systems. Information on the versions supported can be found in the Apple and Android app stores. Windows smartphones are not compatible.

How do I change the language?

If you use the Sanitas Portal on your computer, the language of the respective browser will be applied. You can change the language in the menu on the left.

The Sanitas Portal app automatically adopts the general language settings of your smartphone. Therefore, if you want to change language in the app, you have to change the language setting of your smartphone. If a language is not supported, the app is set to German by default.


Languages supported:

  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • English


Change language setting


Settings → Language & input → Language


Settings → General → Language & Region

Is the “Health” area also available on a PC?

No, the “Health” area and related health services are only available in the Sanitas Portal app.

What’s the difference between my personal customer advisor and the health advisor?

Your personal customer advisor will be happy to help with insurance matters and administrative matters.

However, if you have any questions about your health or the Sanitas health services, your health advisor will be on hand to offer support.

Can I use the Sanitas Portal app offline?

Most functions in the Sanitas Portal app require internet access. However, you can contact the health advisors in offline mode via the app, provided you have a phone connection.

Can I use the Sanitas Portal app outside Switzerland?

Yes. You can dial all important phone numbers directly in the app, even when abroad. For example, the number of the Sanitas customer service team. Please note that roaming costs may be charged abroad. As stated in the privacy policy, customer data is stored on servers in a professionally managed, secure data storage facility in Switzerland. This means that information is processed in accordance with Swiss data protection principles. When customers access our apps from outside Switzerland or the EU, they agree that we may also transfer their data to them outside Switzerland/the EU. Please note the data privacy rules in the app.

Good to know:

  • With the Sanitas Portal app you always have your insurance card to hand. However, you should still take your actual insurance card with you on trips abroad. The magnetic strip contains important information.
  • The search for doctors, pharmacies, hospitals and generic drugs is limited to Switzerland.To refund doctors’ and hospital bills from abroad, you have to send us the original documents by post.

Does the Sanitas Portal app help solve medical problems?

The Sanitas Portal app isn’t a medical product and doesn’t replace medical professionals. The app is designed to simplify your access to healthcare and help you find the right contacts or services for your needs.

You can use the Sanitas Medgate app to get medical advice. Our telemedicine partner Medgate is on hand to offer medical advice around the clock.

How do I create a digital vaccination pass?

You can find the vaccination pass in the Sanitas Portal app under “IDs”. You can create a digital vaccination pass for every family member.


Take a photo of your vaccination record:

In your digital vaccination pass, go to the “Vaccination record” page. Press the photo icon. Take a photo of your vaccination record. The photo will be saved directly in the digital vaccination pass.


Enter vaccinations:

Your vaccination record lists which vaccinations you’ve already been given. You can use the vaccine search to find out which illnesses you’re protected against. In the checklist, tick the boxes of all the diseases you’re immunised against.


Update your vaccination pass:

Update the photo of your vaccination record and the checklist whenever you get a new vaccination. If you activate the vaccination reminder function, you’ll receive reminders when you’re due for a vaccination.  

Does the digital vaccination pass replace my paper vaccination record?

No, the digital vaccination pass isn’t intended as a replacement for your paper vaccination record. If you receive new vaccinations, your doctor has to record these on the paper copy of your vaccination record.

The digital vaccination pass is primarily intended as a digital copy of your vaccination record. It gives you an overview of the current status of your vaccinations. What’s more, you’ll receive a reminder when you’re due for a primary vaccination or a booster.

Detailed information on vaccinations and recommended vaccinations can be found on the website of the Federal Office of Public Health.

Is my vaccination data stored by Sanitas, and if so, what happens to it?

Sanitas merely provides the infrastructure for data storage. Your vaccination data is not passed on to third parties or used for medical purposes or case assessments, and it cannot be accessed by Sanitas employees.

How can I submit reclaim vouchers?

Scan in your documents quickly and easily using your smartphone camera or upload the document as a PDF directly in the Sanitas Portal.

Where can I find my documents?

Here you will find, among other things, your policy as well as benefit statements - filed chronologically and with a filter function so you don't have to search for long.

What are the points and medals?

When you use the Sanitas Portal app, you can collect points in the “Health” area and achieve different levels. Based on the level you reach, you can benefit from reduced health offers.

You can see your points and medals under “My achievements”. 

Data privacy

Is my data secure and where is it stored?

Yes, in Switzerland your data is stored in line with the strictest data protection regulations. Users can choose which data they share and can withdraw their consent at any time.

Can I choose exactly which data I want to share and which I don’t?

There is some data that you agree to share on accepting the general terms and conditions (app usage data). You can choose which other data you want to share, for example benefits data or data from specific services. To do so, go to “Settings” on the app start page. Here you’ll also find additional information in the terms and conditions.

Why does the app need access to my gallery and location?

The app needs access to your location, gallery and camera so you can use the following functions:

  • Scan and send documents
  • Search for doctors, pharmacies and hospitals nearby
  • Use a personal profile picture

What happens to the data that’s collected?

The data is only used to make personal recommendations for you. Recommendations are made by the personal assistant Alva.

Is my data deleted when I delete the app?

In many cases you can deactivate data sharing for specific data, so you don’t have to delete the app entirely. You can deactivate the applicable data releases under “Profile”. If you then still want to delete the app, you can ask customer service to delete your account.