The easiest way to send in reclaim vouchers

Submit invoice

How can you send in your invoices or prescriptions? The easiest way is to use the Sanitas Portal. This saves you the cost of a stamp and you get your money back in record time. 

If you receive an invoice electronically, you can upload it as a file in the Sanitas Portal and send it. Have you received your invoice by post? No problem. Simply scan it using your smartphone.

Upload document

  1. Log in in the Sanitas Portal
  2. Click on the camera icon in the menu at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Upload your reclaim voucher or prescription.
  4. Send and you’re finished!

Scan document

  1. Click on the camera icon in the menu at the bottom of the app screen and then ""Take photo"".
  2. Take a photo of your reclaim voucher and you're done!
  3. If everything worked, the status changes to ”Received”.

Versicherung und Gesundheit auf einen Blick

Mit der Sanitas Portal App erledigen Sie nicht nur Versicherungsangelegenheiten in Rekordzeit. Die App unterstützt Sie auch rund um Ihre Gesundheit: Entdecken Sie zum Beispiel den Guide zur schnellen Genesung, Online-Coachings für psychische Balance oder lassen Sie sich für Bewegung belohnen.

Mehr zur Sanitas Portal App

Send in invoices by post

Of course you can send in your invoices by post. Are you looking for the right address to send in your reclaim vouchers to Sanitas? There are different addresses depending on where you live and which insurance plan you’ve taken out. The easiest way is to order address labels. You can do so in the Sanitas Portal or by phone.