Find a therapist for alternative medicine

You can use the therapist search to find all alternative medical therapists who are recognised by Sanitas for a particular method. It depends on your insurance cover and the list of therapy methods recognised by Sanitas.


The Vital Smart and Vital Premium supplementary outpatient plans in particular include comprehensive benefits for alternative medicine. Sanitas recognises therapists with the following certification:


For costs to be covered, the therapy methods in question must also be recognised by Sanitas. Furthermore, the conditions set out in the general terms of insurance and the supplementary terms of the applicable health insurance plan as stated in the policy document apply.

All of the methods of alternative medicine listed in the search are recognised by Sanitas. Treatments provided outside Switzerland are generally not covered. Please contact us if you have any questions. We’ll be glad to help.


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Therapist search

List of methods as set out in the applicable supplementary terms.


For therapists: Please notify your registration authority of any changes to your contact details (address, email, phone number, etc.) and registered methods. The relevant authority notifies Sasis AG, who in turn provides us with the data.