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The Food Scanner is out now

The new function in the Active app is available now. The Food Scanner helps you better understand what you’re eating and motivates you to achieve your goals. You’ll also get useful tips on healthy living.

Analyse your meals

You can use the Food Scanner to find out whether you’re eating a healthy, balanced diet. You can set yourself different goals that you’d like to achieve in a specific period. For example, you can choose to lose weight or build up muscle within a period of four weeks. You can also add additional goals such as “iron intake”, “vitamin C” or “dietary fibre”. Your individual calorie requirements are calculated based on your sex, height and weight. As you record each meal, you can track your goals and find out more about your diet.


Key benefits

  • The Food Scanner is free of charge – for non-Sanitas customers too.
  • Easy analysis of meals via photos
  • Calculation of individual calorie requirements
  • Set personal goals
  • Benefit from regular tips
  • Be more aware of what you’re eating

Good to know

Anyone who wants to use the Food Scanner needs to have a smartphone and the latest version of the Sanitas Active app. Your data is stored and anonymised in accordance with the latest standards. Sanitas cannot draw any conclusions about which images and evaluations belong to which users. We can only generate aggregated, anonymous statistics on usage.

Try it now

Try out the Food Scanner now in your Active app or find out more about the new function here.

You’re not using the Sanitas Active app yet?

Why not download it and register now to give it a try! The app encourages you to get more exercise and rewards you with coins, which can be redeemed as vouchers in the online shops of our partners.

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