New: One app for all your needs

5 March 2021

With the Sanitas Portal app, you not only manage your insurance affairs in record time, you also have all health-related info at your fingertips: Symptom Check, personal health advisors and interesting offers.

Are you familiar with all Sanitas’s health-related offers? Are you already using them? It’s easy now with the new health area in the Sanitas Portal app. Here you’ll find all the offers and services in one place, so you don’t miss out on any benefits and you get the best possible support when it comes to your health. You’ll be supported by the virtual assistants Alva, Alex and Liva.

What’s new?

The Sanitas Portal app now comprises two areas:

Up to now: My Insurance

Here you’ll find all your insurance documents at a glance. You can also ask questions via chat or use one of the many practical services: Scan in documents with the camera phone, simplify complicated invoices, check insurance benefits and pay bills by TWINT, credit card or Apple Pay.


New: My Health

Here you’ll find an overview of all Sanitas health offers and services. Some are practical daily services, such as the Symptom Check or generic drugs finder, while others provide support in case of illness, such as the second medical opinion or the Medgate App. In the new health area, you also benefit from direct contact with your personal health advisor by phone, email or chat. And the virtual assistant Alva draws your attention to content that you might be interested in.

Even better, even simpler

We’ve updated the Sanitas Portal app so it offers even more benefits for you. This way, you have your insurance and health under control – simple, digital and secure. Download the app now and create a login:

Best of Swiss App Awards 2022

The Sanitas Portal App wins two silvers in the categories “Business Impact” and “User Experience & Usability”. The jury is impressed by its user-friendly design and comprehensive range of digital services.

Top of the class

The Bern-based digital agency Unic has published a broad-based series of studies on the digital presence of Swiss health insurance companies. Our customer portal got top scores across the board.