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Hospital Top Liberty – free choice of doctors and hospitals in the private ward

Hospital Top Liberty – free choice of doctors and hospitals in the private ward

Hospital Top Liberty is the private supplementary hospital insurance plan with the widest choice, highest level of comfort, the best service and most additional benefits: free choice of doctors and hospitals worldwide, experienced doctors and specialists, innovative treatments and your personal Sanitas advisor.

Key benefits compared to basic insurance

  • Free choice of doctors and hospitals worldwide
  • Private ward (single room)
  • Treatment by chief or senior consultant
  • Appointment with a specialist in just three days (Priority Access)
  • Organisation of an independent second medical opinion free of charge
  • Full cost coverage for planned treatments and emergencies abroad

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The amounts listed are maximum benefits and, unless specified otherwise, are valid for each calendar year. Benefits are granted only in accordance with the Swiss Federal Health Insurance Act (KVG/LAMal) and the corresponding ordinances, the general terms of insurance and applicable supplementary terms issued by Sanitas.

Personal advice

If you have semiprivate or private insurance, your personal advisor is your first point of contact. They will answer any questions you may have or will refer you on when necessary. On request, they can help you organise your stay in hospital, get you an appointment with a specialist in record time or recommend a suitable hospital or spa treatment centre.

Priority Access: rapid access to a specialist

Specialists are often booked out for months. Waiting can be stressful, particularly if your doctor has made a tentative diagnosis and is seeking confirmation. If you have private hospital insurance, you don’t have to wait long. Talk to your Sanitas advisor, who will arrange an appointment for you within three days.

If you’ve opted for a family doctor model for your basic insurance, please contact your family doctor first before calling your Sanitas Preference advisor.

Second medical opinion: request an independent second opinion

Would you like to have a diagnosis reviewed? It can be a good idea to get a second medical opinion when you’re faced with the prospect of a complicated medical procedure. Use this service to find the best solution for you.

Highest level of medical care

With a private supplementary hospital insurance plan, you can choose from the best hospitals in the world and receive treatment from a chief or senior consultant. In a single room, you benefit from the privacy, peace and quiet and level of comfort expected from a top-class hotel. And in the event of emergencies abroad, we’ll cover all the costs of rescue, treatment and return transport to Switzerland.

Option: choose a ward before admission to hospital

If you opt to receive treatment in the semiprivate or general ward, you will be reimbursed up to the value of CHF 2,500.


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