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Reporting an accident

Had an accident? Get well soon: We wish you a speedy recovery! Don’t forget to report your accident as soon as possible. With Sanitas, the process is quick and easy. All you have to do is complete the form and send it off.

Who do you have to report the accident to?

  • If you work at least eight hours a week for the same employer, you are insured against occupational and non-occupational accidents through their accident insurance. Please report the accident to your employer.
  • If you work for fewer than eight hours a week for the same employer, you are insured against accident during work and your commute. If the accident occurred in your free time, please follow the instructions for people who are not gainfully employed. 
  • People who are not gainfully employed, children and retirees are insured against accident through their health insurer. In this case, you can report your accident directly in our Sanitas Portal or online with our contact form. 
  • If you draw unemployment benefits, you are insured against all accidents through Suva. Please contact the unemployment office.

Reporting an accident to Sanitas

Fill in the accident report directly in the Sanitas Portal under “Services” or in the Sanitas Portal app under “My insurance”. 

If you don’t yet have log-in details for the Sanitas Portal, you can sign up here quickly and easily. In addition to submitting accident reports in next to no time, the Sanitas Portal offers many other useful digital services.

Alternatively, you can complete our accident report form here without logging in. You will need your customer number.

If you have any questions or would prefer to report your accident by phone or by post, please contact us here

You can also report dental accidents and accidents abroad to us using the options above. 

With dental accidents, we will also need a dental claim form and cost estimate from the dentist providing treatment. 

For accidents abroad, please also submit the “Treatment abroad” form in addition to the accident report.

Recourse means that Sanitas recovers costs paid from the third party who caused the accident or from their liability insurance. Sometimes, the liability insurer in question does not recognise the claim. This can lead to lengthy negotiations and even legal proceedings.

In our capacity as your health insurer, we cover your medical expenses, provided you have accident cover. If an accident is caused by a third party, Schaden Service Schweiz AG supports us in legal matters concerning liability. If further details are required, Schaden Service Schweiz AG will contact you directly.



Under the terms of the Swiss Federal Health Insurance Act (KVG/HIA), Sanitas is obliged to charge you a cost share (deductible and copayment). This also applies in cases where a third party has caused the damage.

You can claim these and any additional costs that you have incurred as a result of the accident directly from the liability insurance company responsible..