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All you need to know online in the Sanitas customer portal

Sanitas customer portal

The Sanitas customer portal offers easy online access to all your insurance affairs, including the latest information on your deductible, premium, policy and statements. You can also contact us via chat if you have any questions.

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How to manage your insurance affairs online

The customer portal helps you manage your health insurance affairs, and those of your family, quickly and easily. You’ll find an overview of all the functions on the homepage. Three key functions can be found at the bottom of the page.  


If you’ve got a question, send us a portal message:

  • Your message will automatically reach the right recipient
  • Messages are encrypted as standard
  • Email notification when you receive a reply

Documents & invoices

  • Up-to-date information on the status of your deductible and copayment
  • All reclaim vouchers submitted in digital format
  • Claims settlements with status and detailed breakdown of cost allocation
  • Pay unpaid bills directly using TWINT, credit card or Apple Pay (only possible with Apple devices)
  • Greater transparency with the invoice translator


  • Payments and transactions in detail
  • Invoices in PDF format
  • Pay unpaid bills directly using TWINT, credit card or Apple Pay (only possible with Apple devices)
  • Change how and when you make payments


  • Policy number and premium overview per family member
  • Basic insurance and supplementary insurance plans
  • Change deductible, include/exclude accident cover and change basic insurance model
  • Request quote for amended supplementary insurance


  • Overview of all family members with customer number
  • Enter or edit personal data for each person


  • Orders: address labels, tax statement, insurance card, confirmation of insurance for a stay abroad
  • Changes: personal details, basic insurance, deductible, accident cover, supplementary insurance, method of payment
  • Search: family doctor, alternative medicine, generics
  • Cover Check: check whether the cost of a benefit is covered under your insurance
  • Reminder: set an email reminder so you don’t forget any bills

How the Cover Check works

If you want to know, for example, whether Sanitas contributes towards the cost of glasses or a massage, you can use the Cover Check to find out quickly and easily. Enter a search term. The search engine checks automatically whether the benefit is included in your insurance plans.


Three simple steps

  1. Choose a person: If several family members are insured under one policy
  2. Enter a search term: Specify which benefit you want to check
  3. Hits are displayed: How much does Sanitas pay? Under which insurance plans?


Gold and silver

The “Easy payment” service won gold and silver at the Best of Swiss Web Award Night. In the Portal app, customers can scan in bills with their smartphone and pay easily by TWINT or credit card.


To the winners

Top of the class

The Bern-based digital agency Unic has published a broad-based series of studies on the digital presence of Swiss health insurance companies. Our customer portal got top scores across the board.


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