Sanitas Portal app

Thanks to the innovative functions of the Sanitas Portal app, you can manage your insurance affairs in record time and get support for all aspects of your health. Use the Quick recovery guide, get help from our virtual assistant Alva or earn rewards for exercise.

 One app for all your needs


Manage your insurance quickly and easily: scan in reclaim vouchers with your smartphone and keep track of your invoices, deductible and copayment at all times.


In this area, you will find all the health offers and services of Sanitas. If you have questions, our digital health partner Alva and personal health advisors will be happy to help.


Gold and silver for the Portal app

Gold and silver

The “Easy payment” service won gold and silver at the Best of Swiss Web Award Night. In the Portal app, customers can scan in bills with their smartphone and pay easily by TWINT or credit card.

Top of the class

The Bern-based digital agency Unic has published a broad-based series of studies on the digital presence of Swiss health insurance companies. Our customer portal got top scores across the board.