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The Sanitas Portal app: your mobile customer portal

Sanitas Portal app

The Sanitas Portal app allows you to manage your insurance affairs anywhere — even on the move. It offers a whole lot more, too: a scanner for your reclaim vouchers, a digital vaccination pass for the whole family and the Cover Check.

Benefits of the Sanitas Portal app

The Sanitas Portal app makes your life a lot easier. You can manage your insurance affairs quickly and easily.


  • Log in with Touch ID/Face ID
  • Push notifications when you receive new documents
  • Gentle shake to display your insurance card

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All the insureds in your policy are displayed on the overview page:

  • Customer number
  • AHV number
  • Latest information on your deductible and copayment

Benefits / Payments / Documents

Overview of claims settlements, payments and documents at a glance:

  • Benefits: filter by person and status, detailed display of cost share
  • Payments: filter by status, cost and type of benefit, invoice in PDF format
  • Documents: filter by type of document, all documents in one place

Digital vaccination pass

Never forget a vaccination again

  • Record of vaccinations for the whole family in one place
  • Enter all vaccinations and activate vaccination reminders
  • Vaccine search: indicates which diseases a vaccine protects against


The app is your direct link to the Sanitas customer service

  • All your contact options at a glance
  • Phone
  • Send questions via messenger
  • Portal messages are encrypted as standard
  • Display the address of your Sanitas contact centre

Scan documents

Scan reclaim vouchers and send them to us:

  • The easiest way to submit your invoices
  • Status of transfer
  • All reclaim vouchers in one place


Search for the nearest pharmacy on the go

  • Generics search: cheaper alternative to original drugs
  • Doctor locator: search by location and specialist field
  • Hospital locator: hospitals close to you with contact details and route
  • Chemist locator: chemists close to you with contact details and route

Cover Check

Find out whether Sanitas covers a specific benefit

  • Personalised for each family member
  • Checks whether your insurance plans cover a particular benefit.
  • Shows under which insurance plan the benefit is covered and the costs covered


Change personal details or activate shake function

  • Enter personal details for each family member
  • Messages will be sent to the email addresses specified here.
  • Activate shake function for your insurance card

Are you a Compact customer?

You’ll get your money back faster if you use the scan function. You can submit your invoices as you receive them. If you submit your invoices by post, you have to wait until you’ve reached your deductible.

How the Cover Check works

If you want to know whether Sanitas contributes towards the cost of glasses or a massage, for example, you can use the Cover Check to find out quickly and easily. Enter a search term. The search engine checks automatically whether the benefit is included in your insurance plans.


Three simple steps

  1. Choose a person: If several family members are insured under one policy
  2. Enter a search term: Specify which benefit you want to check
  3. Hits are displayed: How much does Sanitas pay? Under which insurance plan?

Have you already signed up for the Sanitas customer portal?

Your login details are valid for both the customer portal and the Sanitas Portal app. Simply download the Sanitas Portal app and log in with your customer portal login details. And if you’re not a customer portal user, please sign up. You’ll be sent your login details shortly.

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