We’re expecting a baby

Congratulations! It’s vital that you take care of your health and receive good quality medical care now. We can help you find out what you need in order to make you feel comfortable and help you to prepare for the birth and your baby.

Pregnancy is a special time, but it’s exhausting, too. It’s perfectly normal to worry a lot and question whether the time is right to have a baby. But is there ever the perfect time to have a child? The most important thing is that you look forward to welcoming your baby into the world.

What costs are covered by basic insurance?

Statutory benefits during a normal pregnancy

  • 7 check-ups before the birth
  • 2 ultrasound scans
  • Costs for additional check-ups in the event of a pregnancy being deemed high-risk
  • CHF 150 towards group antenatal classes run by midwives   
  • Birth: Full cover for a multi-bed room in the general ward of a hospital in your canton of residence
  • Full cover for the baby if it is healthy and remains with the mother in hospital
  • Three breastfeeding advice sessions conducted by a midwife or a specially trained nursing professional
  • 1 check-up between the 6th and 8th week after the birth.

Sanitas covers the following additional examinations

  • Non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT): Costs are covered provided that a first-trimester test has been performed, with results indicating a risk of 1:1000 or higher for trisomy 21, 18 or 13.
  • First-trimester test
  • Amniocentesis, chorionic villus sampling (CVS), cordocentesis: These invasive tests are covered under basic insurance if the following conditions are met:
    • To confirm the results of non-invasive prenatal screening or a first-trimester test indicating that the foetus has a risk of 1:380 or higher for trisomy 21, 18 or 13 or in cases where there is a strong suspicion that this is the case.
    • If an ultrasound scan, family history or other applicable reason indicates that the foetus has a risk of 1:380 or higher for a genetic condition.
    • If the foetus is at risk as a result of pregnancy complications, mother’s illness or a non-genetic illness or development disorder of the foetus.

What costs are covered by supplementary insurance?

Hospital insurance plans

Benefits in the event of normal birth or caesarean section


  • Normal birth: 5 days (on average)
  • Caesarean section: 6 days (on average)
  • Further hospital benefits will be covered in the event of medical problems.


  • Two-bed room
  • Free choice of doctors and hospitals among all Sanitas-accredited acute hospitals in Switzerland


  • Single room
  • Free choice of doctors and hospitals worldwide

Maternity facility

If you’re planning to give birth in a maternity facility, please be sure to contact your health insurer in advance to find out whether the costs will be covered.

Supplementary outpatient insurance plans

  • Certain supplementary insurance plans cover part of the costs of the approved vitamin and mineral supplements Elevit pronatal and Andreavit.
  • Part of the costs of antenatal and postnatal exercise classes are covered.

Let us know when you’re pregnant

Why is that important? We cover the costs of maternity check-ups to which you are entitled under basic insurance. You don’t pay a cost share on these maternity benefits.

However, if you go to the doctor for an illness during your pregnancy, you are only exempt from your cost share (deductible and copayment) under basic insurance as of the 13th week of pregnancy. This applies until 8 weeks after the birth. This does not apply to preventive medical care and dental treatment.

Registration before birth: the best protection for your baby

Organise health insurance for your baby while you’re pregnant. By doing so, your baby will be sure to have the best possible cover from birth. You can apply after birth, but there will be restrictions.

Cover for complications

At birth, your baby is covered by the mother’s insurance. This insurance covers hospital costs, provided that the baby is born healthy. If, however, the child is born with complications necessitating hospital treatment, the costs are covered by the baby’s health insurance.

With basic insurance

With basic insurance, your baby is treated in a hospital in your canton of residence.

With basic and supplementary insurance

With supplementary insurance, you are free to choose the hospital and doctor providing the treatment. Supplementary insurance plans cover higher costs and additional treatment methods.

Admission to basic and supplementary insurance

There are no special requirements that need to be met for basic insurance. In fact, health insurers are legally obliged to admit your baby to basic insurance. Basic insurance can be taken out up to 3 months after the birth. Insurance cover always applies from birth.

You must apply for supplementary insurance. Health insurers are permitted to accept applications for supplementary insurance at their own discretion, apply restrictions or reject them outright.

Registration before birth

If you take out supplementary insurance for your baby while you’re pregnant, the child will be accepted without a medical exam. Insurance cover takes effect at birth. This applies to the following Sanitas supplementary insurance plans:

  • Vital Basic
  • Vital Smart
  • Vital Premium
  • Hospital Standard Liberty
  • Hospital Extra Liberty*
  • Hospital Top Liberty*
  • Hospital Upgrade*

* One parent must have held the same hospital insurance plan for at least nine months prior to the application.

Registration after the birth

If you apply for supplementary insurance after the birth of your child, a medical exam is compulsory for all health insurers. Following a successful medical exam, insurance cover applies from the 1st day of the following month. If babies are born with a congenital defect, they are usually either rejected from supplementary insurance cover outright or accepted subject to restrictions.

Congenital defects

Congenital defects are illnesses suffered from birth and detected up to the age of 5. These are clearly defined by the Swiss federal government and include defects such as cleft palate and congenital deafness. Costs for any medical treatment are borne by disability insurance (IV) up to the age of 20.

Sanitas maternity services


The Sanitas maternity services offer support and advice all the way from planning a family to your child’s first birthday. These services include the following benefits:

  • Newsletter with helpful information on planning a family, pregnancy and the first months with your baby
  • Customer Care Maternity for advice on health insurance matters: 0844 160 160
  • Medical hotline exclusively for expectant mothers and children’s health hotline: 0844 110 110
  • Budget calculator for families
  • Exclusive offers for you and surprise gifts for your baby

How much does a baby cost?

How much a child costs depends on your financial means. Baby essentials can easily cost a few hundred francs or more. You can save a lot of money by only buying what you really need. Some items can be borrowed from other parents or bought second hand.

Monthly expenditure for a baby

  • A newborn baby will set you back about CHF 300 to 400 a month1.
  • CHF 60 to 150 for food and drink
  • Additional household costs (e.g. washing powder) approx. CHF 40
  • Nappies and baby care products between CHF 50 and 100
  • Clothes approx. CHF 50
  • Health insurance premium with accident insurance CHF 80
  • Healthcare costs approx. CHF 20

The loss of a baby

Have you lost your baby during pregnancy? We’re sorry if you’re in this difficult situation right now. People handle stressful situations differently. Some prefer to keep things to themselves, while others are glad of support.

We’d like to offer you help in this situation, which is why we work together with the specialists at kindsverlust.ch (only available in German). They offer free advice or can help you find a specialist near you.


Benefit from our partners

Medical support and advice

Our partner Hirslanden offers support during your pregnancy and the birth of your child. Find out more about the classes and talks they offer. You’ll find interesting articles written by medical experts in the blog (only available in German).

Hirslanden Baby

Make informed choices

The swissmom online platform offers a wealth of useful information for anyone planning a family. You’ll find information on starting a family, pregnancy, birth, babies, children and family. There are also articles aimed specifically at dads.


1 Source: Figures recorded by Budgetberatung Schweiz

Sanitas magazine: Spotlight on health-related issues