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Case management – support during difficult times

Support in the event of illness and accident

A serious physical or mental illness or an accident can have a profound effect on your life. Depending on your situation, the focus may either be on improving your health in general or reintegrating at work. The free case management services help you every step of the way.

Our case managers offer the following services:

  • Initial personal conversation 
  • Joint needs assessment and action planning 
  • Coordination and organisation of your treatment 
  • Clarification of benefits relevant to your treatment
  • Coordination of all social insurance establishments involved 
  • Support for workplace reintegration 
  • Initial and direct contact person for your health insurance for the duration of the case
  • Regular review of agreed measures
  • Joint closure of the case

Sanitas case managers

Sanitas case managers are healthcare professionals with proven expertise. They advise you throughout your physical and/or mental recovery and help you organise and coordinate your treatment. Our goal is to improve your health situation in the long term. The case managers are of course bound by professional confidentiality.

How your personal case manager can help: 

  • Consulting doctors
  • Choosing a suitable facility
  • Helping with paperwork on admission to hospital
  • Reviewing available treatment options
  • Keeping relatives informed
  • Organising nursing care at home
  • Organising transport to place of treatment or hospitalisation
  • Coordinating contact with social security and healthcare agencies
  • Arranging aids and equipment

Who can use the case management services?

Case management services are available to all customers with a valid insurance policy (health insurance, supplementary insurance, daily benefits and capital insurance). They are voluntary and free of charge.

Areas of expertise of our case managers:

  • Support in the event of illness and accident
  • Support in the event of psychological and psychosomatic illnesses
  • Support with reintegration at work

Take advantage of Sanitas case management

Please fill out the registration form to help with the initial consultation. We’ll be in touch soon to discuss the next steps.

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