Specialities list: insured medicines

The Specialities list includes medicines that are reimbursed under basic insurance. The drugs on the Specialities list are tested by the FOPH to check whether they are effective, expedient and economical.

What is the Specialities list?

The Specialities list is a list of industrially produced medicines (original drugs and generics) published by the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH). Health insurance providers cover the costs of medicines included on this list under basic insurance.

Which medicines are included on the FOPH’s Specialities list?

The Specialities list includes industrially produced medicines: Original drugs, generics and various homeopathic, phytotherapeutic and anthroposophical medicinal products from complementary and alternative medicine.

The FOPH decides which medicines are included in the Specialities list. Each medicine must be proven to be effective, expedient and economical. Prior to the approval of new medicines, Swissmedic examines their safety and benefits.

Here you can search for medicines on the Specialities list.

Do I have to pay for medicines that are not on the list myself?

In addition to the Specialities list, there is another list known as the Medicines list with tariff. This list includes prescription drugs specially prepared in pharmacies for individual patients. These medicines are also covered under basic insurance.

Medicines that do not appear in the Specialities list or the Medicines list with tariff are known as uninsured drugs. These are not covered by basic insurance.

However, some uninsured drugs are covered by supplementary insurance plans.

Sanitas offers various supplementary insurance plans that include benefits for uninsured medicines.

Here you will find additional information on medicines: costs covered by Sanitas.

On the negative list here you will find medicines that are not covered or only party covered by supplementary insurance.