The most frequently asked questions about the Active function

I would like to use Active. What should I do?

Step 1: Register

Step 2: Authenticate yourself

Step 3: Integrate fitness tracker

Which fitness trackers can I integrate?

Active lists compatible fitness trackers and guides you through the connection process. You can add additional trackers under "Settings/Data sources" or you have the option to change the data source. If you want to track cycling with the Health Kit, you need an additional app like Strava. You can find a comprehensive list here.

What is my daily target and how is it set?

The daily target is the same for everyone and it can be reached in a number of ways. Active measures steps (number), cycling (minutes), active minutes and Sports Check-ins (number). You can also reach your daily target with a combination of steps and minutes on the bike. All other activities count individually. 

What are active minutes?

Active minutes include every minute in which you are physically active (e.g. vacuum cleaning, climbing, shopping). If you have connected a fitness tracker or smart watch to Sanitas Active, you can also reach your daily target via active minutes.

How does the reward system work?

For each daily goal achieved, you receive a virtual coin. Sometimes we also challenge you with a challenge. If you accept the challenge, you will have double benefits: you will receive coins for your activity as usual and, if you complete the challenge, an additional reward.

What do I get for my coins?

You can redeem your coins for vouchers for our partners' online stores. In the menu under "Vouchers" you will find all partner offers. There you can see how many coins you need for a voucher and how much monetary value the voucher has.
If there are enough coins in your account, you can redeem them for the offer of your choice. Then the voucher will be unlocked and the voucher code will be displayed. 

Our partners and offers:

Offer Special The most flexible sports subscription in Switzerland: book courses and other sports offers online with over 250 sports providers.

Voucher corresponds to 1 training session and can be redeemed for the first time under this ink

You can redeem several vouchers

Activation of further vouchers: Please write an email with your code to myclubs The "online farm shop" for regional and organic products

The vouchers are cumulative.

Attention: To redeem the codes, enter them in the customer account under "Credit", not in the payment process under voucher code. Reason: Voucher codes are not cumulative, credit is.

Minimum order value 50 Swiss francs. The Swiss online market leader and specialist in IT, consumer electronics and telecommunications

Redeem voucher during the payment process.

The vouchers are cumulative. The umbrella organisation of Swiss disabled sport is committed to people with disabilities, from grassroots to elite sport.
Sanitas will donate the coins you redeem, worth CHF 10, directly to PluSport. You do not need to do anything else. hajk has been offering outdoor equipment since 1951 and is part of the Swiss Scout Movement - any surpluses benefit the movement.

The voucher can be redeemed in the shopping cart or during the payment process.

The vouchers are cumulative. The voucher can be redeemed at over 60 partners in Switzerland for individual
products and services
Scan the QR code of your Bontique-Check or enter the 13- or 14-digit code via to go directly to our offer page. In the main page you will find your past bookings and the expiry date of your Bontique-Check.

How can I enable notifications?

Under "Profile/Notifications" at "Active" you can set the slider to "On" or "Off". We recommend leaving the push notifications activated so that you are informed about challenges.

Do I have to carry the smartphone on which the app is installed in order to record my activities?

If you record your activity with your smartphone, you need to have it with you so that it measures your activity. If you record your activity with a wearable (pedometer bracelet), you do not need to have the smartphone on you. The app automatically synchronises the recorded data with the wearable.

Can I also use the app offline?

Yes, you can also collect the movement data offline. As soon as the smartphone has an internet connection, the data is synchronised. This works up to 7 days back.

Can I delete my data?

You can delete your data at any time under "Profile/Data sharing".

Attention: If you delete your data, your entire profile will be deleted. This means that your coins and vouchers will also be lost.

Sports Check-in

What is the Sports Check-in?

With Sports Check-in, you can also achieve your daily goal by visiting the fitness centre and taking part in other sports activities such as yoga or group classes.

My fitness center/gym does not show it. Why not?

Your sports provider is probably not yet registered with us. You can change this by clicking on "Add sports offer". Please note: It can take up to eight weeks until your sports provider appears in the selection and you can check in.  

My sports provider is on the list, but I can’t check in. Why not?

It is important that you are standing directly in front of your sports provider's building or are already on the premises (please note mobile phone reception). If you are unable to check in despite being in close proximity, the following problem may exist: Your sports provider is not registered with us at the correct location. Please contact us at so that we can correct this. 

If I register my sports provider via Sports Check-in, do I then also receive the reimbursement to my subscription in the amount of 200 or 300 francs for my non-certified fitness center, respectively my gymnastics course?

No, unfortunately this is not possible. We will be happy to explain the reasons: Sanitas only pays contributions to a fitness centre subscription if the fitness centre has a quality label (Qualitop or Fitness Guide from 3 stars). It is very important to us that we treat all insured persons equally.

How does the check-in work?

On the Active start page, you will see sports offers that are close to you, for example your fitness centre. Once your sports offer is displayed, you can check in by clicking on the check-in button. If you exercise for at least 30 minutes, you will reach your daily goal and receive a coin. 

Can I close the app while I’m training?

You can close the app during training. The training time is updated when you open the app and is displayed on the Active start page. 

What happens if I disable location services during training?

The duration of the training in a sport offer is determined using the location services of your smartphone. For this reason, these must be switched on while using the app. If they are deactivated, the recording will be cancelled and no successful check-in can be carried out.

How long will my activity data be stored?

Your activity data remains stored until you actively delete it.

Do I have the right to request the deletion of my location and personal data?

You have the right to request the deletion of your location and personal data at any time.