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Already signed up?

If you already have a log-in for the Sanitas Portal, you can log in to the Sanitas Portal app and will automatically be able to access the “Insurance”, “Payments” and “Health” areas.

Not signed up yet?

If you don’t have a log-in for the Sanitas Portal, you can sign up to and create a log-in on the start page of the Sanitas Portal app. Please note that log-ins for family members have to be created by the head of family. Anyone can sign up for the “Health” area, even non-Sanitas customers. 

Download now free of charge

This option is available if you’re not the head of family for your insurance policy or are not insured with Sanitas.


You can reset your password under the settings in the Sanitas Portal app. Or click the button to say you’ve forgotten your password on the login screen.

No, this is not possible. The customer portal and the Sanitas Portal app are connected. However, you can choose to use only the app.


Good to know: the Sanitas Portal offers a number of functions not available in the app. For example, in the Sanitas Portal you can adjust your deductible or basic insurance model or request a quote.

Yes, as a customer you have one log-in for all areas of the Sanitas Portal app.

Yes, all family members can create a log-in for the “Health” area and use the functions there. For the “Insurance” and “Payments” areas, the log-in must be created via the head of family of your insurance policy.

No, the “Health” area is only available in the Sanitas Portal app.

Your personal customer advisor helps you with all insurance and administrative matters, while our health advisors support you in all matters relating to your health and the services offered by Sanitas.

The Sanitas Portal app is the central Sanitas app and is designed to help you manage your insurance affairs and provide an overview of all other services offered by Sanitas. In the "Insurance" area, for example, you can scan in reclaim vouchers, get help understanding bills and pay by TWINT or credit card. The “Health” area in the app offers you useful functions relating to your health, such as the handy symptom check and the generic drug finder. And the personal assistant Alva is on hand to help with any health-related queries you may have.

The Sanitas Portal app automatically adopts the general language settings of your smartphone. Therefore, if you want to change language in the app, you have to change the language setting of your smartphone. If a language is not supported, the app is set to German by default.


Languages supported:

  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • English


Change language setting


Settings → General → Language & Region


Settings → Language & input → Language

You can use the Sanitas Portal app from the age of 18.

The Sanitas Portal app has been designed for use on smartphones. The app runs on Android and Apple operating systems. Information on the versions supported can be found in the Apple and Android app stores. Windows smartphones are not compatible.

Most functions in the Sanitas Portal app require internet access. However, you can contact the health advisors in offline mode via the app, provided you have a phone connection.

Yes, all important phone numbers can be dialled directly in the app from abroad, for example the number of the Sanitas customer service team. Please note that roaming charges may apply. As stated in the data privacy policy, customer data is stored on servers in a professionally managed, secure data storage facility in Switzerland. This means that information is processed in accordance with Swiss data protection principles. When customers access our apps from outside Switzerland or the EU, they agree that we may also transfer their data to them outside Switzerland/the EU. Please note the data privacy rules in the app.


Good to know:

  1. With the Sanitas Portal app you always have your insurance card to hand. However, you should still take your actual insurance card with you on trips abroad — the magnetic strip contains important information.
  2. The search functions for doctors, pharmacies, hospitals and generics are only available in Switzerland. To be reimbursed for doctors’ and hospital bills from abroad, you have to send the original documents by post.

The Sanitas Portal app isn’t a medical product and doesn’t replace medical professionals. The app is designed to simplify your access to healthcare and help you find the right contacts or services for your needs.

You can find the vaccination pass in the Sanitas Portal app under “IDs”. You can create a digital vaccination pass for every family member. 


Take a photo of your vaccination record

In your digital vaccination pass, go to the vaccination record page. Press the photo icon. Take a photo of your vaccination record. The photo will be saved directly in the digital vaccination pass.


Enter vaccinations

Your vaccination record lists which vaccinations you’ve already been given. You can use the vaccine search to find out which illnesses you’re protected against. In the checklist tick the boxes of all the diseases you’re immunised against.


Update your vaccination pass

Update the photo of your vaccination record and the checklist whenever you get a new vaccination. If you activate the vaccination reminder function, you’ll receive reminders when you’re due for a vaccination.

No, the digital vaccination booklet is not a replacement for your physical vaccination card. When you have new vaccinations, you must have the doctor enter them in your physical vaccination card.

The digital vaccination booklet is primarily a digital repository of your vaccination card. This allows you to quickly get an overview of the status of your vaccinations. It also alerts you when a basic vaccination is due or needs to be renewed.

Detailed information on vaccinations and vaccination recommendations can be found on the website of the Federal Office of Public Health FOPH.

No more tedious searching in your paper file before a visit to the doctor. With the Sanitas Portal App, you always have your digital vaccination booklet with you.

Sanitas only provides the infrastructure for storage. Your vaccination data will not be passed on, will not be used for medical clarifications or case assessments, and will not be viewed by Sanitas employees.

Simply scan your receipts with your smartphone camera and then forward the document directly to us.

See at a glance which benefits are paid from your basic insurance or from your supplementary insurance.

Here you will find, among other things, your policy as well as benefit statements - filed chronologically and with a filter function so you don't have to search for long.

You can see the current status at a glance. This way, you always have your insurance under control.

Always keep an eye on your basic and supplementary insurances and the respective premium. You will also find information on the benefits of the individual products.

Compose your message directly in the Sanitas Portal app and send it with just one click.

Alva gives you useful tips and personal recommendations. You can filter your messages by topic and jump directly to the recommended services.

You can use the Sanitas Portal app to collect points in order to reach new levels. You can see your points and medals under “My achievements”. Here you can also see how you can collect additional points to reach the next level. 

Find fascinating articles and services from Sanitas – use the magnifying glass in the Health area to quickly find what you’re looking for.

Data privacy

Yes, in Switzerland your data is stored in line with the strictest data protection regulations. Users can choose which data they share and can withdraw their consent at any time.

There is some data that you agree to share on accepting the general terms and conditions (app usage data). You can choose which other data you want to share, for example benefits data or data from specific services. To do so, go to “Settings” on the app start page. Here you’ll also find additional information in the terms and conditions.

The app needs access to your location, gallery and camera so you can use the following functions:

  • Scan and send documents
  • Search for doctors, pharmacies and hospitals nearby
  • Use a personal profile picture

The data is only used to make personal recommendations for you. Recommendations are made by the personal assistant Alva.

In many cases you can deactivate data sharing for specific data, so you don’t have to delete the app entirely. You can deactivate the applicable data releases under “Profile”. If you then still want to delete the app, you can ask customer service to delete your account.