Information on premiums in 2023

Here we’ve put together the latest information on our insurance premiums for you. In 2023, premiums vary considerably by premium region and plan. We’re happy to help if you have any questions on how your individual premium will change.

Changes for basic insurance in 2023

In terms of premium adjustments, Sanitas will be well below the market average next year. This means, you’re still in the best of hands with us. For 70% of our customers, premiums for basic insurance will remain stable or increase by no more than CHF 15 a month. You will find your premium in the policy document which you will receive in October.

Has there been a bigger change in your basic insurance premium? This is either due to your age or where you live, because the cost of claims can vary greatly depending on the region you live in, and these play an important role in rising premiums. Health costs tend to be higher in urban areas than in the countryside and higher in French-speaking Switzerland than in German-speaking Switzerland. It’s a case of supply driving demand: the more doctors, hospitals and therapists there are offering services in a region, the higher the healthcare costs will be. The following illustrations show which factors influence your basic insurance premium:

Premium region

Your health insurance premium depends on the premium region you live in. The Federal Department of Home Affairs (EDI) decides which municipality belongs to which premium region.

Insurance model

With an alternative insurance model for your basic insurance, you benefit from discounts and a central point of contact for health queries – for example your long-standing family doctor or the telemedicine centre.

Elective deductible

You can save money on premiums by choosing a higher deductible (e.g. CHF 1,000 or CHF 2,500). However, you also bear a greater financial risk in case of illness. For children up to age 18 the minimum deductible is CHF 0.

You also have to consider whether you need to add accident insurance: If you work for more than eight hours a week with the same employer, you have accident cover through your employer pursuant to UVG/LAA and don’t need to include accident cover under your basic health insurance.

Discounts for alternative insurance models

There are various basic insurance models that offer the same benefits. By choosing insurance, you can easily decide who you want to contact first in case of health queries. The greater the cost savings the model achieves by optimising treatment pathways, the higher the premium discount will be compared with the standard insurance model:


  • Medbase MultiAccess: Medbase network of experts as your first point of contact and a discount of between 13% and 19%
  • NetMed: First point of contact in a practice from a medical network and a discount of between 7% and 19%
  • CareMed: Initial consultation with your family doctor and a discount of between 7% and 10%
  • CallMed: Flexible treatment plan after an initial telemedicine consultation and a discount of between 8% and 18%
  • Compact One: Binding treatment plan after an initial telemedicine consultation and a discount of between 6% and 28%

Changes to supplementary insurance in 2023

Premiums for most of our customers will remain the same or change only slightly. For supplementary insurance, the situation depends on your chosen product line or plan. There’s good news for customers with the Hospital Top Liberty private supplementary hospital insurance plan and the Medical Private supplementary insurance plan. They benefit from a premium discount in 2023, which leads to a premium reduction in most cases.

The premiums of these popular Sanitas supplementary and supplementary hospital insurance plans remain stable in 2023:

  • Family and Jump
  • Hospital Extra Liberty, Hospital Standard Liberty and Hospital Upgrade
  • Dental and Dental Basic
  • Planning a Family
  • Easy
  • SCPC product line and supplementary hospital insurance plans that are no longer being actively sold

There are changes for the following supplementary insurance plans (list not exhaustive):

  • Classic: There will be a premium increase of 8% for this comprehensive supplementary outpatient insurance plan, which corresponds to an increase of less than CHF 5 per month.
  • Hospital Top Liberty: With this private hospital insurance plan, customers will benefit from an 8% discount in the year ahead. This means that the premium will fall by around CHF 10 a month on average. However, some customers will see their premiums rise next year depending on the particular plans they’ve taken out.
  • Medical Private: With this comprehensive supplementary outpatient insurance plan, customers will benefit from a 5% discount in the year ahead.
  • The HIP product line for daily hospital benefits for accident will be affected by a premium increase.