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How to save money on your health insurance premium

How to save money on your health insurance premium

Sanitas offers perfect cover combined with opportunities to save money on top. Here you’ll find our top tips and money-saving tricks on how to reduce your premium and take advantage of discounts and special offers.

Choosing a higher deductible automatically lowers your monthly premiums, enabling you to save up to CHF 1,000 a year! This option makes most sense if you rarely go to the doctor and have enough money put aside to cover the amount of your deductible in an emergency.

You can reduce your basic insurance premium significantly by choosing one of ourfour alternative insurance models:


  • 7% discount with the CareMed family doctor model
  • 9% discount with the CallMed telemedicine model
  • 10% discount with the NetMed family doctor model
  • 15% discount with the Compact One telemedicine model


With our two telemedicine models Compact One and CallMed you seek initial clarification and advice from our partner Medgate if you have problems with your health.

With the CareMed and NetMed alternative family doctor models, you choose a family doctor or group practice. You always contact your chosen doctor or practice first for medical care.


If you already have a family doctor or are insured under CareMed, you should use our doctor locator to check whether your family doctor is also affiliated with a group practice or network. We regularly check whether we can add new networks. This way, you currently benefit from a 10% instead of a 7% discount and can still go to your doctor for initial advice.

You get a 75% reduction on your first child’s basic insurance premium, and 80% for every additional child. Our Family supplementary insurance plan also pays families a loyalty bonus of CHF 50 per child per year, provided they also have basic insurance with Sanitas. The Family and Classic plans, and the Hospital Standard Liberty hospital insurance are free for the third child onwards.

Find out whether you’re eligible for a reduction in premiums on the basis of your income.

If you work at least 8 hours a week for the same employer, you are already insured for occupational and non-occupational accidents.  If this applies to you, you can reduce your premium by 6.5% by excluding accident cover from your basic insurance.

Thanks to partnerships with various employers and associations, Sanitas is able to offer you and members of your family attractive supplementary insurance premiums. To find out whether your employer has a group plan with Sanitas, please check your intranet (for example the fringe benefits site) or contact your HR department.

Sanitas gives you a 1% discount for paying your premiums annually, 0.5% for paying every six months.

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