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Save money on health insurance premiums

Healthcare costs can put a strain on the household budget, particularly for families or single parents with children. Have you ever wondered if you can save money on your health insurance?

There are a number of ways to do so. You just have to find the best solution for you. And it’s not just premiums where you can save money. We offer our customers a host of other benefits and discounts. You’ll find all our money-saving tips here.

Tip 1: Alternative insurance model

With an alternative insurance model, you can save up to 19% on your premium compared to the Basic standard model. The benefits are the same for all the basic insurance models. 

  • CareMed family doctor model: saving of up to 10% on the standard model
  • CallMed telemedicine model: saving of up to 13% on the standard model
  • NetMed network of physicians model: saving of up to 15% on the standard model
  • Compact One telemedicine model: saving of 15% on the standard model
  • Medbase MultiAccess HMO model: saving of up to 19% on the standard model

Tip 2: Higher deductible, lower premium

Your deductible is the share you pay towards treatment costs. It always applies for a calendar year. If you increase your deductible for basic insurance, you can save up to CHF 1,540 a year. For example, with a deductible of CHF 1,000 you pay the first CHF 1,000 for medical treatment yourself. Important! You should only increase your deductible if you rarely go to the doctor and can pay the full amount if needed.


Good to know: You can change the deductible yourself in the customer portal.

Customer portal

CHF 0 (standard)

  • CHF 100: save up to CHF 70 a year
  • CHF 200: save up to CHF 140 a year
  • CHF 300: save up to CHF 210 a yea
  • CHF 400: save up to CHF 280 a year
  • CHF 500: save up to CHF 350 a year
  • CHF 300 (standard)
  • CHF 500: save up to CHF 140 a year
  • CHF 1,000: save up to CHF 490 a year
  • CHF 1,500: save up to CHF 840 a year
  • CHF 2,000: save up to CHF 1,190 a year
  • CHF 2,500: save up to CHF 1,540 a year

Tip 3: Save money with family insurance

Basic insurance

Families receive a discount on child premiums for basic insurance.

  • 1st child: 75% discount on the adult premium
  • 2nd and every additional child: 80% discount on the adult premium


Supplementary insurance plans

With the Classic, Family and Hospital Standard Liberty supplementary insurance plans:

  • Premium exemption from the third child


Family supplementary insurance

Every child who has basic insurance plus Family supplementary insurance with Sanitas receives:

  • A loyalty bonus of CHF 50 per year with Sanitas

Tip 4: Exclude accident cover

Save 6.5% on your premium

When can you exclude accident cover? If you work eight hours or more for the same employer, you are automatically insured against occupational and non-occupational accidents through your employer.

Tip 5: Generics instead of original drugs

When you buy generics you usually have a copayment of just 10% . The copayment for original drugs is 20%.


What is a generic?

A generic contains the same active ingredients in the same dosage as the original drug. As the development costs for generics are low, these products are available more cheaply than original drugs. With a few exceptions for medical reasons, original drugs can be substituted for generics.

Find out whether there’s a lower-cost generic available for your drug:

Generic drug finder

Good to know: The generic drug finder is also available in the Sanitas Portal app. You can download the app free of charge:

Tip 6: Order medicines from a mail order pharmacy

Thanks to our partnership with the Zur Rose and MediService mail order pharmacies, you can take advantage of numerous benefits. You don’t have to worry about the billing, because the pharmacies settle invoices directly with Sanitas.


  • No checking charge or medicine check by the pharmacist (otherwise CHF 7.55)
  • Free delivery within two working days
  • The mail order pharmacies settle the payment directly with Sanitas
  • New: Order repeat prescriptions quickly and easily with an online prescription account

Tip 7: Save money when moving with Movu

Moving house is tiring and often very expensive. Our partnership with Movu helps you save money when you move house. Movu requests quotes from removal companies and/or cleaning companies for you, and you choose the best offer. If you take out insurance with Sanitas at the same time, we pay CHF 500 per person towards the invoice.

More information on our partner offer with Movu

Tip 8: Request a premium reduction

People who live in modest financial circumstances may be entitled to a premium reduction. Entitlement depends on the total taxable income and total assets. How low your income and assets must be so that you are eligible for a discount varies from canton to canton. In most cantons – but not all – you’ll be contacted directly by the local authority if you are entitled to a premium reduction.


Are you entitled to a premium reduction?

You can check online. The reduction only applies to basic insurance.


Good to know: If you draw a pension or disability benefits and can’t manage on your income, you may be entitled to targeted premium reductions under supplementary benefits.

Tip 9: Suspend your insurance

If you do military service, civil service or civil defence for more than 60 consecutive days, you can suspend your basic insurance. This means your insurance is paused for a specified period and you don’t pay a premium.


You have to do military service?

You can use this form to send in your marching orders or notification of civil service/civil defence . Important: remember to send us your application for suspension at least eight weeks before taking up your duties.

Suspend your insurance


Suspend supplementary insurance plans

You can also suspend your supplementary insurance plans and save 70% on your premium. You can also suspend supplementary insurance plans during longer stays abroad. Once you suspend your insurance, you’re no longer entitled to claim benefits.


Advice hotline

0844 150 150 – Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm

Tip 10: Pay early to cut costs

Premiums are usually paid monthly. However, you can also pay your premiums for a year or six months in advance. For paying a year in advance you receive a discount of 1% and for six months 0.5%.

Tip 11: Join a group insurance plan

Sanitas offers group insurance plans for companies, associations and clubs. Customers insured under group plans benefit from premium discounts on our supplementary insurance plans. Ask your employer, association or sports club if they have a partnership with Sanitas. If they do, you and your family are entitled to group health insurance with a discount on your premiums.