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Insurance abroad: costs covered by Sanitas

Cover abroad

Your basic insurance covers emergency treatment abroad. In some countries medical treatment is very expensive. If you’re outside Europe, you may be left with a costly bill.

Imagine you are abroad and have an accident or fall ill. You have to go to a doctor. But what are the financial consequences? In countries such as the USA or Japan medical treatment is much more expensive than in Switzerland. And in many cases, patients have to pay costs in advance.

Supplementary insurance protects you against high costs

With the right supplementary insurance, you don’t have to worry about the money. We cover a large part of the costs. And we help coordinate your treatment. For example, we cover any upfront costs.

What benefits are covered by basic insurance?

Within Europe

Basic insurance covers the costs in accordance with the social security tariff of the country in question. This applies to all countries within the European Union (EU) and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA).

Outside Europe

Basic insurance covers up to twice the amount that the treatment costs in your canton of residence. You have to cover any additional costs.

Transport and rescue

In addition to the treatment costs, basic insurance covers 50%, up to CHF 500, for transport and 50%, up to CHF 5,000, for search and rescue operations.

When is an emergency an emergency?

Emergency conjures up images of accidents and A&E. However, an emergency situation can also occur if you fall ill while you’re travelling abroad. Theoretically, you would have to be treated in Switzerland for basic insurance to cover the costs. However, a return trip to Switzerland just to go to the doctor would be excessive. So you go to a doctor near you. This is also classified as emergency treatment.

What benefits are covered by supplementary insurance?

The following supplementary insurance plans cover higher costs and offer additional benefits for outpatient and inpatient treatment abroad if you have an accident or fall ill:


  • 90% up to 180 days
  • 100% of transport costs (up to CHF 2,000)


  • 90% up to 180 days
  • 100% of transport costs (up to CHF 1,000)


  • 90% up to 180 days
  • 80% of transport costs (from benefit account)

Hospital Standard Liberty

  • 100% up to 180 days in multi-bed room
  • 100% of costs for transport, search and rescue operations (up to CHF 20,000)
Hospital Standard Liberty

Hospital Extra Liberty

  • Emergencies: 100% up to 180 days in 2-bed room
  • Planned treatments: CHF 1,000 per day in 2-bed room for up to 180 days within a period of 360 days
  • 100% of costs for transport, search and rescue operations (up to CHF 30,000)
Hospital Extra Liberty

Hospital Top Liberty

  • 100% in single room, also for planned treatment (up to CHF 250,000)
  • 100% for transport and rescue operations (unlimited)
  • 100% for search operations (up to CHF 20,000)
Hospital Top Liberty


  • 90% for outpatient or 100% for inpatient emergency treatment
  • 100% of transport costs (unlimited)
  • Search and rescue costs (unlimited)


  • Can be taken out weekly for up to a year
  • 100% for emergency hospital treatment (unlimited for up to 12 months)
  • 100% for emergency treatment by doctors and medically prescribed treatment (unlimited)
  • 100% for transport (up to CHF 50,000)
  • Search and rescue operations (total up to CHF 20,000)

Tip: take your insurance card on holiday with you

Take your insurance card with you when you go abroad. Emergency phone numbers are listed on the card. Your European health insurance card is on the back of the card. Within the EU and EFTA, this card proves you are entitled to the same benefits and terms as a resident of the country you’re staying in. 


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